Tough mudder

I really want to do this but can't find anyone to form a team with! Has anyone gone and done it alone before? or does anyone want to form a team for the next event in a couple of weeks? image


  • Hi Cassie, did you manage to get a team together for this? I just did the Scottish one this weekend and it was awesome! I think you definately need a team though. Some of the obstacles require teamwork and it's definitely more fun with a group.

  • Hey Cassie, I have just signed up for 2013 London/East Midlands.  Don't know if that is any good for you? If you don't sign up this time round I think I will have a reasonable team you could join.  I'm about to do a Brutal 10K on my own tomorrow but I'm not keen - mate dropped out due to injury.  These things are about teamwork and sharing the stories over a drink afterwards!

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