Circulation problems after running?


 I have noticed recently that, after a run, whatever the temperature, I am finding the cirulation in my fingers and fingertips goes odd;)

 his seems to happen sometime after getting back from a run, particularly on the days when I quickly, have a shower and drive ( 30 mins) to work.  I notice it starts then about an hour after especially when my hands have been still on the steering wheel!

This morning was particularly bad where my fingers went really white, then eventually purple and then red as the feeling came back...

I can't see it relates to the cold as it is mild here today and I was boiling by the time I got back from a  run but it must be running related as only seems to happen then although occasionally lose feeling in very cold weather in some fingers....

anyone else have this or any ideas??



  • Hi there 

    Just wondered if you got any information about this as i have the exact same problem.  Fingers are fine during the run and for about 20-30 minutes afterwards but then go completely white and numb from the mid-knuckle down.  It's worse during cold weather but still happens on warmer days to the point that I can't pick things up for a while and have found driving difficult!




  • I suffer from the same thing when it's cold, my fingers turn white and change colour when they warm up.  It could be something called "Raynaud's Syndrome", look it up on Google, all the symptoms that you are experiencing match the symptoms of this condition.  I'm not sure if this is what I have but I'm pretty sure it must be.

  • JoJo72JoJo72 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the replies, yes have concluded since I posted that I do probably get a mild form of Raynaud's......seems to run in the family to apparently!  Not much you can do unless it gets really severe, which it isn't...more annoying than anything........and interesting others get it not just during the cold and also as a delayed reaction afer a run makes me feel less odd!!image

  • It's happening to me too - I also wondered if it was Raynaud's.  

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