Im having problems with my Garmin forerunner 205 on my pc. I have several pages of activities but for some reason i can only veiw the 1st page. If i try to view the 2nd or 3rd pages the page attempts to load but no matter how long i wait nothing happens (screen stays blank with the word "loading" displayed) this also happens if i attempt to filter my results by time / location etc. Does any one have any ideas ? spent ages going through Garmin FAQ,s on thier website and spent a life time waiting for someone from Garmin to pick up the phone. (dreading my next phone bill)




  •  Mick Mick ✭✭✭

    DR - what sw are you using? Garmin Connect, Training Center or some other tool?
    Also what browser (if a web app)

    Have you e-mailed Garmin - I've always found them responsive & helpful.

    (and sounds more like a pc issue than a garmin issue? - so have you rebooted, cleared cookies etc and tried again?)

  • Mick,
    Your a star - my pc browser was changed from google chrome to explorer a fortnight ago. (didnt think it would be an issue) reloaded google chrome after reading your reply an hour ago and "BINGO" everything is operating correctly.
    Thank you very much
    (do you know why there was a conflict with explorer?)
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