First ever event :-s

Hi all,

  Got my first real event coming up in over a weeks time. The Black death run near Taunton. Due to so many injuries running on roads i've gone for the whole trail running thing and I seem to be holding up. Its 10.5 miles and is very hilly by all accounts. I ran some of the Jurassic coast the other day, 11miles in all. It took me 2hrs 30mins. I had to walk some parts due to the paths getting too tight to run. 

I done this all on water without breakfast or anything to eat. I started at 5am image

However towards the end my thighs and calves were cramping up a bit and were causing a little bit of hassle. 

 Just some advice really...

The night before I am going to go for tuna pasta bake. Plus obviously drinking lots throughout the day.

Morning of race I will be having beans toast scrambled egg. Plus drinking enough.

However during the race I feel as though it would be beneficial to take on more than just isotonic drinks? I will probaly be running for anything up to 3hrs as Im slow as a week in jail. I thought about dabbling with the whole horrible tasting gel things you can buy....will this help? Or is there anything I can eat that will help? I'm not looking to break record, I would just like to finish without killing meself

Just any ideas etc would be appreciated



  • Hi image gels aren't horrible tasting .. well maybe some are. However, I wouldn't suggest you try using them in a race for the first time just in case they upset your stomach or don't agree with you (I have never had a problem, but some do). You can always use something like jelly babies to give you a sugar boost

    Good luck image
  • I have used them before and never really had a problem. How often should you use them. Problem is in the past ive used them when i've kind of hit a wall where in reality I should use them before etc? I've heard that you can do a good hours worth of exercise before you need anything other than water?
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I can suffer badly from cramp in some of my half/marathons. Have been told by a run/long distance walkers to up my salt three days before my race. The walk just does it with crips and runner with energy drinks.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I use gels every 4 miles.
  • Essentially what I am doing is replacing carbs right? With gels and all related stuff. After an hour the carbs in my body are depleted? So after an hour taking gel would be useless because i expect it takes a while to get into my body. So like you said Tracey perhaps taking one every 4 miles would be beneficial.

  • Vicar I love trail running too, planning on doing nearly all of my running off road this year apart from parkruns.

    I'd love to do the whole Jurassic Coast challange one day!

    I tried some gels recently and felt really sick so won't try them again

    I did a Half Marathon on some dried fruit and a camelbak of Diorolyte - it was fine.

    have also done 10 miles with a few jelly babies and some powerade

    Anything under 10 miles just usually water or a bit of Dioralyte (its just a personal preference - tried some of those Zero tablets and it tasted like Alka Seltzer - Yuk!)

    Don't think you need to be too scientific at that distance (but of course I could be wrong!). A lot of the recovery after taking carbs is due to the fact that your brain knows that carbs are on the way rather than how long they take to ingest (I believe they have done tests to prove this?)

  • Dear Vicar you won 't be the slowest runner in this race,  I m doing it.  I love plodding and enjoying the scenery.  Your 11 mile time is faster than mine  See you there



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