Rubbish Running Gait?

Hi there, I'm a seasonal runner, I dip in and out of it, the longest I've every run is around 16K but I'm having some problems starting up again. Every so often - and certainly not on every run - I get sore muscles that surround my ankles, specifically on the top of where the bottom-front of the shin meets the top of the foot, but also on the sides and at the back around my lower leg and ankle.  This generally happens only a few minutes into the run, however on runs that turn out well I run for around 40 mins with minimal discomfort.  Stretching the ankle does give some relief, but I'd like to sort out the underlying issue.

I'm thinking this is down to a bad gait, and maybe using these smaller muscles to push off rather than using my larger and stronger leg muscles. So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to obtain a decent running gait? Does this sound as if this is the issue?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



  • I believe we will need to know more about your running to have a chance at helping you.  Most recently, when did you restart?  How many weeks have you been running since that restart point?  How many miles/week at first?  How many now?  How many days/week?  What surfaces do you prefer to run on?  What shoes (or barefoot) do you use?  Since you have been in and out of running numerous times, have you ever had this issue in the past?  How is your weight?  Over? Under? Just right?

    That should give us a start.  Welcome to the forum!

  • Hey thanks for the response and the kind welcome. Ok so i've been running jsut once a week (I know, too little) for the past month or so. As I say, I've never really 'stopped' as such, but my runnning has become a lot less frequent over the winter. I'm running for 4 x 12 mins with 1 minute breaks and building up that time. I'm running on a mixture of concrete and a hard packed path and I"m wearing Nike plus runnning shoes that are a couple of years old although seem to be in decent condition. 

    Sometimes I'll run and this issue won't appear at all - last week I did the above run (4x12) and I was absolutely fine, but this time it reared it's head within  or 10 mins - and importantly, I was running the same route. Weight is just find according to my height, I"m generalyl quite fit as I also play squash.

     Thanks for any help!

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