Winter 100

Anybody else got their eye on this one?

I confidently predict that the weather conditions will make it a very challenging event. 

Choice of clothing and equipment will be critical to chances of success. 



  • Yep got my eye on this one. Doing my 1st 'long' ultra as the wall run and if I complete that will be very tempted to sign up. Only 100 places available so may fill up quick!
    4 out and back spursmeans navigation simple ( if you can cope with 14 (?) hours of darkness!)
  • If this is going to be your first 100, there is a danger that you might underestimate the clothing requirements for the night section, at that time of year. 

    I got it wrong on my first two 100 milers, with more or less serious consequences.   

    I am also going to be in The Wall, so I might see you then! 

  • I've entered. Only problem is that I am also having a crack at Caesars Camp 100 which is only 5 weeks before

    Re clothing, totally agree with Ben. Advantage of this format will be that you can have a shed load of extra kit at the centre point and completely change after each 25 miles

  • I think that two 100s five weeks apart is doable Veggieboy. 

    This year I participated in the Viking Way Ultra only five weeks after TP100.  Although I DNFd Viking Way along with 75% of the field, I managed a better split time over the first 100 miles than I did in TP100. 

    This suggests that the proximity of TP100 did not hurt my showing, and might well have improved it. 

    Definitely going to allow myself a generous recovery period this time though!

  • Of course, given the new reduced 28hr cut off at CC100, I may end up only doing 80 or 90 !

     Its meant to be quite hard

  • Oooh - tempted again. I've got the Pinhoti 100 on 3rd November so realistically not an option - but still tempted! Took me about 6 weeks to recover from TP100 but since them, running has been fantastic.

    TP100 for next year again I think instead. 2-3 long ultras in a year is enough despite temptations.

  • Veggieboy re 2 100's 5 weeks apart, its all to do with the terrain.

    In Bens case  going for  the viking after TP100 was fine.

    In your case the CC100's terrain is a lot harder and hillier so I guess recovery is going to be tight, still worth a shot though.

  • This will be my first hundred, the 4 spur course is very appealing, and in a mid-life crisis sort of way it's only a couple of days after my 40th image. I plan to recce the two ridgeway sections as a minimum. Anyone know how the TP terrain is around Streatley?

  • Pretty sure I saw *Dill* on the list of starters too, though he did say he hadn't planned on doing all 4 centurion 100s this year
  • Me! No way..Not in one year!

    I really mustn't..

    Well possibly..

    Oooo Grand Slam..

    Yea f**k it you got me I'm in..image


  • Thought you were, unusual first name stood out on the starters list.

    I've put my name in for the piece of string run so I may or may not be doing the 100, we'll see how lucky/unlucky I am image
  • been having a sneaky look. Bit like veggieboy goung to use Caesers camp as a warm up image

  • Does anyone on here have a preference for map scales? OS will print a map of the area around Streatley covering all four spurs, but only at 1:50000. Is that enough to navigate by? or should I get two at 1:25000?

  • May depend on how good your eye sight is in low light levels. I've found I'm starting to need things in large scale image

  • Is that someone else in the 45-50 age group then ?

  • closer to the 50 then the 45. Started about 2 years ago now need reading glasses.


  • What are people's thoughts on this as a first 100 miler?
  • It would be an ideal first 100 miler in terms of terrain, support and format. 

    The weather will be a significant aggravating factor however. 

    It comes down to weather you are prepared to undertake your first 100 under winter conditions. 

  • Well I've got my entry in - my first 100. Entries starting to fill up now although it looks like they've added another 10 places.
  • I am hanging on and possibly putting a very late entry in so an extra 10 places is ok with me image

  • That will be for people disappointed at not getting in to the Piece of String

  • So what are centurion events like for course markings? Is there a lot of navigation required?

    I wouldn't hang on too late wetter I reckon it'll be full within the week!
  • Really?! That quick? I best make my mind up then!

    I was sweeping the first 55 miles of the SDW100 a couple of weeks back and I can tell you there was more than enough route markings. I didn't know the route so was following them myself without any problems. I can't speak for the 2nd half of the course but anyone who got lost in the first half must have been running round with their eyes closed!

  • Go on WiB, you know you really want to!

    On and thanks for saying that about the first half of the SDW course, it was the second half I got horrible lost on image
  • I do really want to... dont have any other races planned in the winter except Country2Capital in Jan. I want to have a really good crack at Rocky Raccoon which is first weekend of Feb so I think the Winter 100 is just far enough out.

  • Loads of time, go on, what's the worst that could happen?
  • I have opted for a second opinion before I hit the register button image

  • Second? SECOND? You've had me, Andy and Ben telling you to do it already, ow many more do you need? Do it do it do it do to do it do it
  • Ok ok... I'm going to do it image

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