no confirmation yet

H i there, anyone else still waiting for confirmation for next years london marathon 2013 ?  thanks for any replies.


  • Mine was in my spam folder ... worth a look ..
  • Everybody I know has had their confirmation e-mail.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Mine was in the spam folder as well. I heard that if you didnt receive it by the end of the week call them up and quote the confirmation number (e.g. VLM12344)
  • i hav'nt heard yet
  • many thanks but nothing in my spam folder yet,
  • As long as you wrote down the code they gave you, then you should be ok
  • Mine was n my spam filter too.

    Joe - I'm a little concerned by your wording.  You are aware that you have just entered the ballot for a place, not actually booked a place in the race?

  • I'm going for a new Guiness world record - how many times to be rejected. I notched up 6 but they admitted defeat and let me in. But with that 5 year rule gone - this could be my chance and I don't even have to be chained to anyone or be dressed like a super hero (can do that for my own pleasure again). So, thought let's start the fun all over again.

    I haven't had my acceptance into the ballot yet - could be lost in the world of spam, but I can't find it. I spoke to a nice lady that reassured me that my rejection mag would still find it's way to me in October, just needed the reference number, which I've added to the collection. Give them a ring if you are concerned, but I think with that number you will be fine. I've always found them to be very helpful, tracking my attempts when I've changed addresses, e.mail, name!
  • Checked for mine in the spam/junk folder and it was there. Must have got lucky as it was stamped 6:46am on Monday.
  • thank you all for your hepful advice, i did not make my self clear though, I am on 5 rejections and my twin brother gerald just runs now and then when he is not to busy traveling and when he feels like it , he has done the london 3 or 4 times i have done 6 going back to the late 80's, we are in our late 70's now, a very helpful lady gave us our  reference numbers and said " it's all ok,  good luck in october,"    so thank you all again, joe

  • Good luck, hopefully this is the year for you both. 

  • Joe

    that's amazing doing marathons in your 70's. What's the secret then for not wearing out or getting injuries at your age?

  • hi their, brother gerald and myself done our first london together when it was mars sponsored in '86.0r '87,  no great secret really for fitness, I was a professionl boxer for 15 years and kept fit that way, or better still I would get on my brother's back till westminster bridge then push him over and trot in myself !  ( not really,) I find bits and pieces of me drop off now and then if i'm not careful. have fun and good luck to you all, joe

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