Advice very much welcomed. Dealing with broken ankle.

Am a bit desperate for anything atm to do!

Broke my ankle just over 3wks ago during a marathon. I remember tripping over my feet stopping for a car that had just driven straight past stewards and was not gonna stop for me so presume thats when it went.

I was very naughty though and just put the swelling down to a 'bit of a pull' and continued running as I had no real pain, and competed in a half this wkend with brilliant results (3rd woman home).

After a severe reaction to the NSAID's the doc gave me on Mon, I was diagnosed with a fracture on Tues aft, its very stable though, and healing well, so Im just in a boot thing for the next 2wks when weight-bearing when it'll be re-xrayed and checked out.

What sorts of cardio things can I do to keep some fitness? Iv been told I can do low-impact things but a bit unsure as to what low-impact things there are.

Im thinking of popping down to the gym tonight and having a word down there but would love as many tips/opinions/help as poss!

Many thanks.


  • Hi Nikola, Firstly wow! How did you finish a marathon and then a half with an ankle fracture?! You must be a tough cookie! Secondly what have you fractured? My guess would be fibula as usually very hard to weight bear on a tibial fracture. If you give me some more details I can advise on exercises. Thanks Tom
  • It was my Talus I believe. Although I have asked to check as by all accounts Iv seen I should have been barely able to weight bare never mind carry on with day-to-day life and normal sports.

    I know the cons said it was an incredibly stable break and its not moved at all, but I doubt it'll have started to heal yet with me just keeping going on it. Learnt the hard way to get any niggles checked out!

  • That makes your story even more amazing! The talus is vital in weight bearing and ankle movement, incredible that you completed that marathon with a fracture in it. I would be cautious with it at the mo. let it heal. The talus is so important, you don't want to risk a more serious problem.
  • If you absolutely must exercise then you could focus on building upper body strength which is very useful for runners. You could use the hand cycle, that'd get your HR up and help maintain fitness. Any arm exercises should obviously be fine. Low impact would usually include swimming and low resistance cycling but if it was me I wouldn't do these at the mo. they might be low risk if the fracture is stable but it's up to you. Definitely avoid any impact and running at the mo.
  • Thank you so much for all your advice. Very much appreciated. I know I can't swim as took my toddlers last week before being diagnosed and that was 1 thing I couldn't do back then. Gonna lay off altogether and get it right, and just work towards being fit again by Hell on the Humber in Aug. Think iv maybe used up all my luck these last few wks!!

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