The Easy Runner Sodbury Slog 8.5

Entries are now open for this year's race



  • Deeply disappointed to have to miss this last year but I have entered for this year's mudfest - bring on the gloopy stuff!!!

  • Hmm.....can't seem to bookmark this thread. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I'm glad to see you are back where you belong, Sweetest. I unfortunately won't be there this time family commitments are taking priority this year.

    Get stuck in and enjoy yourself, you usually do  !    image


  • No Old Timer at the Slog image 

    But I have managed to contain my disappointment and I've entered anyway.  Gloop Gloop!

  • Old Timer image Sorry you won't be with us - next year?

  • I too missed last year, too late when I realised, however I have reserved my place as backmarker for this year. Bring it on.
  • Speaking to race director yesterday Entries are going very very quickly this year, don't delay if you want to join the fun






  • Ran it (ran??? ploughed it more like!) last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.When I see some of the pristine Cross Country courses that are arranged I do wonder how well some would do in an event/experience such as Sodbury?
    I'm already in again for this year!




  • I'm glad to see you are back where you belong, Sweetest. I unfortunately won't be there this time family


  • Hi Sweetest

    Are you mended

    Love from the Blobster and family


  • Missing it for the first time since 2006. image And missing all my annual chums.

    But I do have a place spare, if anyone's interested - message me!

  • Hi SVT is this place still available?  If so I would be interested in taking it???  If not if anybody else has one to spare let me know, will cover cost etc.  Thanks.  Next year will make sure I actually enter in time, second year in a row left it way too late image

  • Laudy - message sent!

  • Wow, for an X/C that race fills up quickly!

  • Hi,

    If anybody has a place that they can't use please let me know as I would really like to run as my training partner has a place.  Either PM me or email

    Thanks in advance image


  • Oh annoying... A full page review in this month's RW, but it's already sold out. What's the point of that?!

    If anyone has a place they want to pass on, please PM me! image


  • Is there another thread

    By now we would normally be nearer 100 posts

    Speak to me Sweetest Thing



  • Really nervous, newbie to Slog here.... have a great team coming with me and have told them to think like the marines... "no one gets left behind!!!"  We are running for Macmillan.  Think they still have some spaces left if that helps.  What is the slowest anyone has run/trudged it?? 

  • 3 weeks Sunshine 99 !


  • Really.... was that completing the course or training... did they lose a trainer??  I ran in ankle high mud today and loved every second now just have to get my distance and stamina up!  wish me luck.

  • Good luck with the training

    Try thigh deep mud and if it carries on raining snorkelling might be a good idea too

    Good luck to you and your fund raising


  • Taking a look at the course this weekend... as ever will let you know (some) of how it looks , though the regulars will, i suspect, already know.

  • Its dry as a bone JW: no sign of any dampness at all

    In fact the ground is so hard we could break limbs if we fall over

    I looked myself just the other day

    Obviously not been raining in Sodbury nearly every day for the last three months

    Not all of this e mail is true

  • Is there another forum website anyone as its very quiet here

  • Took a looksee at (part) of course yesterday, its in very good condition = very wet & muddy image

  • If this rain keeps up we could be near the 'dampness' of the 2006 race.  Good thing though as last year was far too dry and warm.

  • I started a thread for post run eats as I didnt notice this one .... thanks to the really crap search function on this site.

    All welcome for pizza/beer post run at the Italian on the High Street - add your name to the other thread.

    Glad to see Head Gone is returning as tail trotter this year, I was very nearly last last year.
  • Update. Waded out to the sheep dip yesterday, yes, had to wear my waders!! Anybody that knows it will know if it's thigh deep before any runners have been through what to expect after a 1000 have been through.

    Farmer has also done us proud and ploughed right up to the edge of the field so no easy field edge to run along to get there, the joys of the slog.

  • After all the hard races this year I'm looking forward to this gentle stroll in the country........


  • Are we getting a course update this weekend JW

    Will you tell the truth or pretend its dry

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