Really Stressed and Nervous (Nantwich Tri)



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    Leanne I did my first tri last week and loved it! I was in an early swim wave so was there early with loads of other people who were first-timers and everyone was great. There were people of all sizes. THere will be loads of first timers with you, just start chatting to someone when you are setting your stuff up or waiting for the swim and you will realise that loads of other people are feeling nervous too.

    You will feel such a buzz when you finish.

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    Glad you've got it sorted Leanne. Now relax and enjoy - if you are the first on the swim you've got loads of time for the bike. Don't worry about people overtaking you, just do your own pace and have fun. Its a great course. Once you are off the bike its a simple matter of one foot in front of the other for a few laps of the field then its celebration time.

  • Cake wrote (see)

    Leanne that's not slow that's just making sure you look cool in the pool. Time is irrelevant achievement is permanent.image

    Cool in the pool, luvvit!

  • A couple more queries for the ladies...

    I have really long hair - what's the best way for me to put it up for the swimming hat/bike helmet etc? 

    Secondly, I was planning on wearing my sports bra under and tri pants over my swim suit and keeping my swimsuit on throughout but just chucking a t shirt on over for the bike and run - is that right or should I be doing something else??

  • Hi Leanne,

    I completed my first novice tri last week. My hair is quite long. I kirbied my fringe back and put my hair in a low ponytail. I then tucked my ponytail under my swim hat. That meant all I had to do was pull off my swimhat and my hair was already tied back and fringe out the way for my cycle / run.
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    Leanne - for my first couple of tris I had my bra on under my swim suit then shoved a top and shorts on over the top of that for the bike/run. It was fine and lots of other women did the same. Only got short hair so can't advise on that but what cat says sounds logical.

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    PS - I had my number already pinned to my top back and front so didn't have to worry about a number belt. Socks were a devil to get on though. Still struggle with that now although some people put talc in their socks to start with.

  • or dont bother with socks....

  • Leanne - re hair.  It comes down to personal preference. You could have a high ponytail for swimming and cycling, but that depends on your comfort level with a high ponytail under your helmet (personally it makes my head hurt)

    I used to have a high ponytail for the swim and re-tie it at the nape of my neck for the cycle

    Edited to add - can you do a french plait? Would that cover both the swim and the bike?

  • Swim in a monaco and tri shorts, with a sports bra underneath and then you are sorted for the whole thing.

    Re hair, I find tying my hair at the nape (ish) of my neck is best. It also helps the goggles stay in place properly. Don't faff in transitionimage

  • No, definitely don't faff around worrying about tidying your hair. I did my first tri a couple of weeks ago. I have really long hair and after the swim it was a big soggy birds nest, even having been kirbi-gripped into place and tied in a ponytail. After the bike it was even messier, having half dried in a tangled mess. Really made me envy the bald guys....

  • imageimage I'm hanging on to every last hair I tell you. image

  • Is it this weekend? I think so... Good luck LP!!!
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    Yeh have fun and come back to tell us how it went.  image

  • Focus on smiling and have a great day image
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    <hums to self, waiting to hear how it went>


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    Ta LS. image

  • bighead ,ignorant ,gym freaks thats what you will find in Nantwich

    i doubt your like the run because most of these jumped up kids

    in nantwich who go the gym think there the big 30 somethings of 

    this world with the delusions of granduer 

  • Run Nantwich several times and never had any trouble with the kids. Most of the kids on the field are really supportive
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