durable AND lightweight !!

anyone got any suggestions for lightweight but durable (400-500 mile) running shoe. Not concerned with brand, pronation control etc. just want something lightweight that will see me through marathon, and beyond, training/racing. i'm 6ft, 80kg and around the 3.30 marathon mark.  suggestions so far have been mizuno elixir or musha, newton distancia, brooks pure flow ,saucony kinvara or mirage.......anyone had any experience with any of these ?  i'm trying to improve my running style but know that at the moment i tend to wear out outside of heel first.  cheers


  • I use to run in Kinvaras and they're very nice shoes but I was only getting 300 miles out of them which for the £85 they cost seemed a bit steep.

    Moved onto Brooks Green Silence for 3 pairs now, which feel very similar, last 400 miles or so but are half the price.

    As shoes though both are very nice to run in and very light.

  • I'm not sure that light-weight would be my first criteria when looking for a shoe. You can get lighter models in mosts 'types' of shoe, so I would personally prioritise level of cushioning, neutral / support, level of tread first. Only suggesting this because there are simply so many types of shoe out there to choose from. You can pay for very little shoe, but you want to be sure that it will actually perform how you want.
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  • Ross- thanks for advice, funnily enough was just looking at the green silence after reading that scott jurek used them when he ran 165 miles in 24hrs and apparently they held up superbly (though not suggesting i'm as light on my feet as him !) you can pick them up at reasonable price too.

    Radicchio- appreciate your thoughts but i try not to get hung up re support/neutral/control etc, i've been assessed as mild over-pronator but have never had any problems/pain when i've run in the 'wrong' shoes. i know from cycling that weight alone doesn't always mean a better ride but it don't hurt ! worst shoes i ever had were mizuno nirvana, way too heavy and clunky for me.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Have a look at the new Nike Zoom Elite 5.  I've been through versions 3 & 4 before they were discontinued but have been using the latest version for the last few runs and I really rate them.  They were originally designed as a lightweight (~300g) shoe for mild overpronation, with stiffer support in the midsole, although the latest construction looks more neutral.  I can't vouch for the durability of the latest model but I've had the previous ones up to way beyond 500 miles without any problem, only real noticable change being a gradual loss of the cushioning, which is to be expected.

    I've run marathons in both the 3 and 4 (2:44 pb in the 3) and whilst I was considering going more lightweight for my next marathon, I would consider using the 5's.  I've used them for fast tempo runs already and they feel great.

  • Newtons are great I have over 300 miles on 2 of my pairs and they don't look at all worn! They do take a bit of getting used to though especially if you aren't already a mid foot striker

    Eta: that is on the motion, I also have the distancia and have only done around 50 miles in them so far so too early to tell if they are as durable
  • tried on a pair of newtons at marathon expo the other year and they did feel great, somehow lighter once you're wearing them! but i've never had the courage to actually buy a pair and the expense versus risk kind of puts me off. might just bite the bullet though as i have heard consistently positive reviews.cheers. birthday next week, perhaps the wife will treat me :0)

  • wow !!! i know money isn't everything but just seen Green Silence are £29.99 at sportsshoes.com, are the newtons 4 times better/more durable !! (still might go for them though)

  • ** update **   went for the brooks green silence in the end, have put about 70km on them over various terrain (mostly road) and very pleased with them -  comfortable, light and no sign of wear yet.........and at those prices i ordered another 2 pairs !! image

  • **update 2**

    eventually found the green silence a bit too insubstantial. have now plumped for Asics Gel-Lyte33-2.  I have done a few 15 -18 milers in them with no problems and no noticeable wear as well as breaking in them in with some track work and some tempo runs, I must say that so far they've been perfect for everything !!  lightweight and cushioned and durable, i'll be using them for the halstead marathon

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Good luck.  If you're still considering alternatives further down the line I can update my review of the Nike Zoom Elite 5 from May last year - I still have the same pair on the go for occasional runs and they're just about to clock up 1,000 miles (992 to be precise!)  They won't go much further because the outer sole has already worn through to the midsole in small patches, but I think that's pretty good going.

  • cheers phil, will be upping my mileage after halstead as I have entered the SVP 100k in September and hope to do the Comrades next june. I will be looking to alternate a few pairs of shoes and may well give the zoom elite 5's a go as they're obviously ultra durable (though i'm sure you're a more efficient runner than me). any knowledge of the zoom elite 6's ?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I didn't even know they were out. A quick google on reviews suggests they could be OK for me, more than one review suggesting they're a good upgrade on the 5, with a slightly firmer feel, but otherwise largely the same.  When I retire the NZE5 I'll be in the market for another pair of everyday shoes (my Brooks Defyance are doing OK but prefer the NZE so will relegate the Brooks to work lunchtime use.)  So NZE6 could be an option, alternatively I see that the price of NZE5 has already come down, so I could get another pair of those.

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