FAI Hip Impingement

Has anyone had the arthroscopy for FAI? I have just had xray and am waiting for MRI, I have cam impingement.

Has anyone successfully returned to running after this?




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    Hi Mickster.  There's another thread on this (if you can't find it look in my post history)  - several of us on there have had the op and are asking the same question as you.  I've had the arthroscopy for cam impingement and labral tear on my left side (Dec. 2011) but can't really assess the difference it has made as the other hip is now bad as well.  I've had the MRA for that and am waiting to hear about the next surgery (hopefully). I'm hopeful about a return to running, though, even if it's not as competitive as before.

    How long have you been affected? Can you run at all at the minute?  Looking forward to hearing your story.  You're welcome to join us on the other thread as well!

  • Had it for 3 years, been misdiagnosed several times. Not running at all, trying to avoid all hip flexion at the moment to see how much it will settle down. Just looking for the other thread.

  • Just replied on the other thread! 

  • am late in on this thread but if anyone else is searching for a UK slant on this, there is a massive trail on another website too that will help, mostly in the US.  I have just being diagnosed with a hip labral tear and am at the physio stages, not exercised for 5 weeks now and was going to say I am climbing the walls with frustration but not able to do that.... am hoping that with physio and rest for up to 12 weeks is going to do the trick...my question is, is there anyone on the forums who has had success with treatment that does not involve surgery?  Will check other forums on RW as well...


  • Hi I'd like to join the hip club please?

    Just wrote an extensive post but stupid ipad crashed. Anyway I might have saved you a boring read.

    Heres the gist of it:

    Not got the official Fai dx yet but pretty sure that's my problem.

    Hurty for 6 months and increasing with time. 

    Sent away by sports med specialist because Fadir test didn't cause me pain. Anybody else like this?

    I plan to go back and ask for an Mri artho, as fun as it sounds, I think I need it. Physio is getting me nowhere! I have zero external rotation, which feels restricted by bone. Surely that is Fai by definition.


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