"Rules are Rules"

I just heard through a friend that Claire Lomas, who is closing in on finishing the marathon, despite being paralysed 5 years ago in a riding accident, will not be given a medal by the VLM organisers because she has not competed the run in 24 hours. What a shame these small minded petty beurocrats cannot see beyond the end of their rule book and recognise this young lady for the immense achievement she is close to realising. More here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/athletics/london-marathon/9243376/Paralysed-London-Marathon-walker-nears-finish-line.html


  • They brought this rule in this year as its been getting silly with people taking a month or so to crawl the distance in fancy dress. It's an achievement that she's made it round - but is it a marathon if you've slept 14 nights or so whilst doing it ? It's not really the same as what the rest of the field did.
  • I see the reason for the rule, but in fairness you are comparing apples with pears. Some finishers put in miles and hours of training and effort, some did not and treated it as an organised stroll round London. I saw many of these strollers on the Expressway as I made my way back. What they 'did' on the day I agree is not really the same as what this young woman has achieved, but I question who is the more deserving.
  • What Cougie said. It's not petty bureaucracy which is at fault, the new rules are specifically designed to deter things like this. Personally I think what she's doing is far more impressive than running a marathon and I hope she doesn't feel that she needs a mass produced medal to top it off. Anyway there's always ebay.
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    I'm sure she knew before she started that she wouldn't be getting a medal and I'm sure it makes no difference to her.  

    I don't treasure my medals but I do treasure my achievements. 

  • I think there is a long queue of VLM runners offering her their medal Weeble! I get the rules, I get the need to control this, but I would have liked to have seen flexibility. And yes, there is always eBay!! image
  • It really gets my goat when these idiots start getting offended on other people's behalf. Stop dampening her achievement. Let her speak for herself. For all we know ahe is more than happy to abide by the decisions of the organisers.
  • You don't know me, you don'tt know my friend, and you don't know her relationship with the family. Don't judge me, don't call me an idiot and stop being so rude and offensive. Thiese forums should be about open friendly debate, not about rude abuse.
  • you called people small minded petty beurocrats. I'm guessing you must know these people well enough to make that judgement? Otherwise stop being rude and so offensive. And stop telling people what you think these forums are.
  • Presumably she was aware of the T + C before entering, so she may well know the situation regarding the lack of medal.  I saw her being interviewed by the BBC earlier tonight and got the impression that she was more interested in completing the distance and then raising awareness of and funds for the charity than getting a medal.  They also mentioned that there are a number of runners who have pledged to be there at the finish whenever that will be, together with the suggestions that they would donate their medals to her.

  • Its not clear if she knew the rules, but i suspect she did. I agree with the rules, I guess what I was hoping was to see some flexibility. But in truth I agree that a mass produced medal will mean far less than the achievement. Wonder what they do with the hundreds of medals not given out to no-shows on the day?
  • It's a pity that the journalist doesn't think that her achievement is enough of a story and thinks that some small imagined scandal will beef it up . The writer is trying to whip up a stink to get it published.
  • Isn't that generally what sells papers? Although every paper/website picks up on the same theme of no medal. I remember bumping into Eddie Kidd last year on 17 miles on my way home from work and he was just so thrilled with what he was doing and the support from the general public. And if I remember it took him more than a month to finish.
  • If you have 'flexibility' for one person, you have to be flexible for everyone else who wants to do something similar, so you might as well not have the rule in the first place.

    If you have a rule, you have to stick to it.  How could they determine who was deserving of 'flexibility' and who was not?  That would cause even more of an outcry.

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    She won't get a medal but looks like she will get a trophy from Richard Branson its a new thing called the "virgin trophy" apparently and recognises the man or woman that goes the extra mile. Looks bloody smart IMO

  • Seriously? FFS just give her a medal and be done with it. Trophies now? It's getting silly.
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