having an open water swim goggle nightmare!

First open water swim of the season this week and both pairs of my goggles kept steaming up! Tried spitting in them, no use, cudn't see a thing after 5 strokes and am hopeless at sighting at the best of times, nevermind with steamed up goggles! Any suggestions for great goggles? Or ways to stop goggles ateaming up!


  • http://www.wiggle.co.uk/aqua-sphere-antifog-solution-30cc/

    Disclaimer - other anti-fog solutions are available, but this is the one I use

  • PSCPSC ✭✭✭
    I use the same one. Have done for 3 years. It's brilliant.
  • Was told yesterday by a fella diving at the lake that baby shampoo is also very good alternative to the anti fog sprays ... Must be baby shampoo though for the obviou " if it gets in your eyes" reasons
  • Gob when dry, washing up liquid, different goggles and repeat, all with a rinse after, anything else detergent based, 

  • Swim goggle demister contains detergent.  You get the same effect if you lightly rub/smear a little soap or washing up liquid around the lenses, then rinse thoroughly.

    I always put some detergent in my goggles before swimming, usually use the hand dispenser at the pool. 

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    you'll also find that it's more common when the water's very cold as now. the temperature difference between your face and the water is pretty large and this makes misting up easier.  think of it being like a foggy morning - cold air, lots of moisture, temperature difference between land and air - result, fog.

    I use detergent as well to reduce it happening

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