ULTRA- inspiration...

If you are ever in need of ULTRA-inspiration then look no further than Rainer Koch, from Germany. This guy is a total RUNNING MACHINE and has won Trans Europe, Trans America and will conquer our JOGLE Ultra tomorrow (fingers crossed)... taking nearly 100 hours off the 2010 record...

He can RUN 60 miles a day, ALL DAY... uphill or downhill at 6mph, without fatigue.

You can get an insight into Rainer's World here and next time you need a boost... think Rainer Koch!!!


  • This JOGLE sounds a bit too much like hard work!

  • Hi Rory,

    Have been avidly following the reports on the blog.  He's even more amazing when you consider how tough the conditions have been.  Must be all those hearty dishes every evening!image

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