The 2012 Pirate Water Bottle Thread



  • I am pleased to report that 200 water bottles have been ordered thanks to a second bankroller offering to share the financing

    Three people will not be included in the order, despite two of them provisionally agreeing to go ahead any buy some


     The lead time is 5-6 I am hoping to have them end Dec/beginning of January.  If I get them around this time, I will probably hold back on sending them out til Christmas/New Year has passed

  • Fabulicious! What is a lot of work and hassle for you, Schmunkee, is sending me into a state of giddy excitement - sad, I know, but I really am so excited about, well, you know, getting 'the look'

    Thanks ever so much !!!  image

  • Just had an email to say that the PSOF water bottles are ready for collection. image

    Collection was the original intention as a Pirate had offered to collect them during his lunch hour from Bletchley.  Unfortunately his circumstances have changed and he is no longer in the vicinity during the day.

    I will now have to arrange for them to be shipped to Schmunks Towers (4 boxes).  As soon as I have them I will start sending them out


  • Schmunks - if the extra shipping increases the cost, let us know!

    Cheers again for doing this - might even buy you half a shandy next weekend as a thank you image

  • I might cut costs by taking some orders to the PSOF social image

    Handovers can be done before the evening which will save on some costs

  • jumps up and down with excitement

    can't come to the social I am afraid or would have been happy to collect from there

    let us know if shipping increases costs though

  • As others have said let us know if you need to increase costs to cover shipping, don't want to leave anyone out of pocket.

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I might cut costs by taking some orders to the PSOF social image

    Handovers can be done before the evening which will save on some costs

    If you do that, can you leave mine with BikeScience??

  • Rafiki - that is what I was thinking and taking some to the pool for those that are doing the Barlos splash
  • They will be full of Guinness won't they?? image

  • I'll happily chip in a bit for postage if needs be, and I'm looking forward to the possibility of collecting them next weekend image

  • Schmunks did you also forget that other people are near Bletchley too.....

  • Schumks can you leave mine at BikeScience too please, no Guinness in mine, just lager image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Schmunks did you also forget that other people are near Bletchley too.....

    I think I know who you might mean but timings would be an issue for PSOF Social and I am not sure I can expect someone to lug 4 boxes of bottles back and forth.

    But please thank them for the offer image

  • So, my dining room currently has 4 boxes in the middle of it, each containing 50 bottles image

    And so, will the following people please go and sit underneath their letter box as a parcel will arrive imminently.  They will be posted 2nd class tomorrow by Jr Schmunks

    Lee the Pea
    Les Boules
    Ye Olde Dragon

    The remainder will be posted out with LG Kit or handed out at the PSOF Social

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thank you Schmunkee! My water bottles arrived yesterday. As I wasn't expecting anything but bf gets lots of parcels I was momentarily perplexed with a packet with a scull and bones on it before it dawned on me...image

  • Mine arrived yesterday too. Thank You image 

    It cancelled out the letter from the Inland Revenue which is never a good envelope to drop through your doorimage

  • Thank you. mine also arrived yesterday image

    If I need to let you have something to offset the postage costs, please let me know x

  • Bottles have arrived! One may just make it on to my desk at work..  image Thank you!

  • Okay, getting jealous now!

  • MrsD - I can post yours after the weekend if you want image


  • That would be smashing, but I do understand the logic of a bulk delivery. I'm thinking of it as a late Xmas present! You are luscious Schmunks for offering though!!!!

  • Have finally had the time to go to the post office and collect my water bottles image

    Thanks so much for sorting all this out Schmunks you are a star image

  • Boing for any newbies.

    I have 66 PSOF bike bottles in stock looking for a good home to newbies and oldies alike.

    They cost £7 a pair.  They are sold only in pairs as it costs just as much to post two as it does one.

    Post here if you are interested in getting your little mitts on a pair of these

  • Could I have two pairs (i.e. 4) please Schmunks.

  • Please and thank you Schmunks 1 pair image

  • Schmunks, I will have a pair please image

  • Oooooohhh pick me ok would like a pair thanks schmunks

  • Ill take a lovely pair if possible please.  Thanks

  • Yes please image One pair for me. Thanks Schmunks!

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