Sheffield Half Marathon Place Available


Unfortunately due to being on the injury train for the past few weeks with no short term sight of being able to run again in the next couple of weeks, I won't be able to run Sheffield. This is about the 6th race I have had to pull out of - an expensive sprained ankle this is shaping up to be!

No refunds are allowed however transfers are available. The race has not yet sold out - so I will basically let this go to anybody who makes a half-reasonable offer in the next few days, please pm me if you might be interested.



  • Just so anybody knows - It's on 27th May. Is a good race that I have ran quite a few times and I really enjoy the track finish image

  • Hello , just wondered if your entry for the Sheffield Half Marathon was still available? Many Thanks


  • Hi Andy, sorry it's gone to my brother

  • Mine`s available, half price. No babysitter. image

  • Hello, sorry to hear you can't get a sitter. I will buy it off you if it's still available. Do your ow how we would go about transferring my your name / entry to mine? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks

  • It tells you how to do it on sheffield halfs website, good luck!

  • Andrew if you cant get a spare just enter, they are still taking entries, just £3 extra pick up number on the day

  • Thanks Nelly. It looks easy to do on website Andrew. You still want it? (I`m in S8).

  • I've got an entry for the half marathon this sunday, can't take part as i've got an injury.  The entry cost was around £27 which i'll be willing to negotiate on, Let me know if you're interested 

    thanks, maya 

  • hi , i,d be interested ,IN YOUR ENTRY i was going to pay £ 31  ,

    thanks has someone taken your number


  • Hi anyone!!!!! My brothers looking for a place.....race now full, so anyone with an entry that can be swapped......I'll have it, ta
  • My number is still available. We`re in Woodseats, S8, just off Chesterfield Road. £12 and it`s yours! Looks easy enough to transfer. Might be able to meet in Town if needs be!

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