VLM 2012 marathonfoto - probems?

Hi all,

I ran the London Marathon 2012 (my first ever marathon) and absolutely loved it despite not being a particularly sporty person. However I am beyond gutted to find marathonfoto have posted no photos of me in the iconic spots - coming over Tower Bridge, Big Ben in the background, even crossing the finishing line and I am desperately disappointed about this. I've checked through the unassigned photos twice now and I'm hoping someone can reassure me that this company take a while to assign all the photos? I've called them and they've promised to look into this but I don't feel overly optimistic.

Anyone else in the same boat or have any advice at all? Thanks!


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Don't worry Louisa, they've just saved you a load of money.

    These pictures are such a rip-off!

  • petwencalpetwencal ✭✭✭

    There are a number of photos of me, but none with a recognisable back drop and none at the finishing line.  They aren't particularly good photos and I certainly won't be buying any at their prices.

  • Ive plenty of pics but none that I'll order - man I look rough in them all !

    I dont think they do the iconic photos very well - all of mine could be anywhere in the world.  I do have some finish line photos though.

    What time did you finish - and did you have the number clearly on display ? 

  • Last time I looked, they didn't have any photos of me.

  • Last year there were hardly any of me, this year loads, including one on The Mall where I have become blonde.  And female.  Amazing image

    I also note that as of today they have 'Copywrite' constantly scrolling across the pics, in case anyone wanted to do screen grabs and live with a pic with PROOF in big orange letters over it.

    I, like Cougie, also look rough in all of mine, so they ain't getting my money - they are a rip off the prices they charge.  Luckily my charity had a photographer at a cheer point and i was so happy to see them I got for free some great pics of me beaming like an idiot!

  • Louisa, they do take a while and I think they say that your set isn't finished until finishing line pics appear.  But the 'iconic' ones you're after aren't very common anyway, they're pretty bad at getting recognisable landmarks in the background.  

  • I have one of me with a very obvious Tower Bridge in the background so they must have been there, at least on the left hand side.

    I won't be buying it.

  • There's a really nice one of my wife, with Big Ben in the background, but all mine are crap apart from the medal pic' at the end. If they had a few camera's at just a couple of positions with obvious London landmarks in the background, I think everyone would have been happy, and they would have sold many more, especially if they reduced the price, and put more effort in to taking a good photo's that compliments the runner, instead of getting most people from the worst possible angle?. All mine could be anywhere apart from the number of people around. I realise it's hard to get good pics' of everyone, but that would at least justify the high cost a bit more.

  • I look as rough as a bear's arse in mine.image

  • image yeah, me too. Especially the two where I'm at the end carrying a bag in each hand, walking stiff legged, hunched over and knackered like an old tramp who's stolen someone's running gear. Did they really think I'd like that picture? 

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