Stratford Upon Avon tri

Just wondering who else will be there?


  • image Might turn up, depends whats on the telly.image

  • image

    I thought you might like a trip to Stratford around that time of year... image

  • imageimageimage

    Anyhoo, I'm starting at 11:37. Hopefully it won't be as hot as last time. Although the current weather wouldn't be too welcome either...

  • Bringing up old story but Cake and the bacon roll. Classic. I mean, who just sits down and demolishes a pig wrapped in the Hovis morning shift immediately before a race? Fabulous! 

  • It is a good race and I've done it many many times now! image


  • agree



  • When is it?  I might come along to say hello if I am free, but I'm not racing.

  • May 13th image

    We'll be there until mid-afternoon I should think, I'll be walking (maybe attempting a little bit of bimbling) for the run, so it'll take me ages!

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Bringing up old story but Cake and the bacon roll. Classic. I mean, who just sits down and demolishes a pig wrapped in the Hovis morning shift immediately before a race? Fabulous! 

    image mmmm bacon you playing this year? if you are meet you but the burger van about 9.40 ish? image

    Caz it's a nice day out if your about?image

  • i shall be there, in the hall doing the massage all day.

    if anyone is in stratford on saturday the 12th there is a new triathlon shop having a big opening on saturday, phil graves will be there giving advice, free physio consultations, free massage, endless pool (free swim coaching i think) and other things.

    this is a blatant plug for the shop but still should be interesting for anyone who is at a loose end in stratford. its called simplyrun (was a running shop but moving into triathlon) 

  • Mr Graves seems rather busy, all that stuff?

    Not playing this year Cake. Only got 2 booked, Outlaw and Cambridge Oly (coz I ain't done an Oly)


  • Ok, maybe my punctuation wasn't the best,

    Phil graves will be giving the advice,

    There will also be a physio and coaches giving free advice.

    And according to the email a chance to win some tri related gear, looks like its worth a look if you're in Stratford registering on Saturday.
  • It's a good event, a great laugh. Expo is a bit light but better than nowt.

  • The weather looks good so far - 15C and cloudy. A bit different to October's heatwave!

    I'm really looking forwards to it image

  • But the Expo is good enough for forgotten items!

    Despite being very un bike fit and un run fit I'm in.

    Decided earlier on the week I needed a marker down! Blast out the post marathon apathy! My foot's a bit dodgy though!

    I'm taking my trail shoes too as it was like a quagmire on the run once! I've done this race in all conditions in May - rain and scorching sunshine! 

    See you tomorrow!



  • I've just looked at the run route - which never seems to be the same twice although this one I think is the same as the last time muddy route if wet image

  • Got to ask Matt - do you ever wear your uniform when you are doing massage - just a thought not asking for myself you understand.....image

  • Maddy if you close your eyes he could be wearing whatever you wanted...

    However he was in long shorts and a British Traithlon polo shirt when he did mine.

    On a different note this race has really changed over the years - when it was the 220 Race (is it still??) it was heaving, I've started well after 12 o'clock several times and the field was much better.  I'd normally expect to get overtaken by several fast women with high numbers after me and have a few bike battles along the way. Not today - over taken at the bottom of the M40 - Stratford road by someone 2 numbers ahead of me.

    I thought £45 BTF was a bit steep for a sprint and as their T shirts have been appalling over the years didn't bother to pay for one - that said they were rather nice and I'd have quite liked one... 

    £45 - a bottle of Gatorade and a little bag of muesli this was the sum total of the goody bag.  No chip timing and absolutely shite way of viewing your result - a million pages on a T screen that is hard to read.  I gave up and came home.

    I don't object to the cost per se but compare this to a club sprint last year which was well organised had an excellent goody bag (mug, bottle of beer, a large gelert bottle, food, bottle of water, a tourist atttraction pass and a t shirt - I'm in for this year's already...)

    I know the answer is not to do their events and I do nothing other than Stratford and Warwickshire but still it rankles a little!

    On the whole I say Welsh/ Marches club races come out pretty well!

  • Welsh races eh - so we will be seeing oyu at Blaenavon next year then??

  • I was rather slack on getting my entry in!


    Story of my life! image

  • is there still an Oct race...?

  • Dabbles with idea of challenging PSC to Oct showdown. But PSC is only eleven years old so I would be bu66ered.image

    But there IS a McDonalds nearby. And I do have a friend living nearby-ish.

    So, PSC, fancy emptying Maccy D's? LOL.

  • image I think the autumn race is 30th sept Might be very temted but there is anouther race the same day. My bike failed me Sunday so feeling very grumpy and want to get back on that course and kick bottom! image

  • What's happening on the same day? 

    I was 5 minutes slower than October, but I think falling off a raised bed the night before might have something to do with that image

    It was good fun though, and I like the medal and t-shirt image


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