2xu Sizing Issue

Please can someone help me?  I bought these shorts recently in a size Medium.  I followed the weight and height measurements on the chart and I wasnt even borderline so went for the Medium.  I managed to get them on over my legs but when it came to pulling them over my hips/waist they were really really tight.  As I was spending so much money I bought another pair in Large with the intention of sending one pair back.  The Large fit better and not so tight but I was just wondering ARE THEY REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE EXTREMELY TIGHT?? Do other people find the sizing accurate??

Really appreciate some help to decide which pair to wear on Sunday and send the other pair back image


  • This is where local running stores come in handy. I have not got any of the shorts but have some skins. I would say not extremely. There may be an issue with how your weight is distributed or something.

    Try selling the mediums on eBay or give them to a charity shop.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'd ask - how tight is really tight? Can you get them up and they leave marks in your skin? or they're just umcomfortable. My compression gear is a little tight but doesnt leave marks.

  • Never had a problem with the sizing. They are supposed to be quite tight, but you are supposed to be able to move in them and they shouldn't be uncomfortable. 

  • 2XU for me I find come up on the large size

    Compression gear is supposed to be tight as mentioned above but they also do standard kit as well

    Again as mentioned above it helps to try them on beforehand in a shop

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