Rivington marathon relay

I noticed the marathon and relay marathon have been added for this year. I enjoyed the half in 2010. My question is. The relay is in teams of four. Will it be each runner doing so many miles until 26.2 is reached by the team or will each runner do 26.2 and times be added together.


  • Hello, the Rivington marathon relay is divided into 4 distinct stages. From the 2:09 website: -

    Relay leg approx distances:

    Leg 1: 9 miles (Rivington School back to Rivington school over Winter Hill)

    Leg 2: 7 miles (Rivington School to White Coppice)

    Leg 3: 4.2 miles (White Coppice to White Coppice via Angelzarke Moor)

    Leg 4: 6 miles (White Coppice to Rivington School)

    best wishes

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