The Effects of Music on 10k Performance

Hi everyone

I conducted an experiment into how the playlist you listen to while running can impact on your performance. To do this I ran 5 10k runs, one to a different genre of music.

I have written up the results with some analysis in my blog which can be found below. This is not a virus or spam or anything, 100% genuine

Twitter @runworldguide

It would be brilliant to get your feedback on the results. I recommend trying it yourself (obviously in training and not races as it's prohibited)




  • It would be interesting to see the difference in times between "Humbug" and "Suck it and see", and between the Vinyl or CD version. Interesting reading.

  • The music I'm listening to most definitely affects my pace - to the point where I have to very carefully choose my playlist before heading out to stop myself from burning out from running too fast.

    An easy pace for me is around 5:20/km, but if I listen to DnB, I end up at around 3:50-4/km, which I can keep up for a while, but eventually kills me. Listening to something classical slows me down to my easy pace. 

    I'm not sure if it affects everyone, but I, for sure, am affected by the playlist/genre of music I'm listening to. 

  • Interesting that the 'emotive' choice beat the pure BPM choice.
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