The Effects Of Music On 10k Performance

Hi everyone

I conducted an experiment into how the playlist you listen to while running can impact on your performance. To do this I ran 5 10k runs, one to a different genre of music.

I have written up the results with some analysis in my blog which can be found below. This is not a virus or spam or anything, 100% genuine

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It would be brilliant to get your feedback on the results. I recommend trying it yourself (obviously in training and not races as it's prohibited)




  • One post on a topic is enough Tom!image

  • Valid point - I didn't know which it was best suited to! Your point in the other topic is exactly the doubt I raised. However I still think that although the results in terms of time are not detailed enough to deduct clear patterns, it is something that runners should certainly try or consider next time you hit play on your normal playlist image

  • Considering all your runs we're within a minute of each other pretty much, and since every run can be affected by other factors, I'd say it makes little to no difference, 1 minute certainly isnt enough of a margin for that to be conclusive,
  • I'm absolutely convinced that the type of music has no effect whatsoever to my running pace. I can listen to a Leonard Cohen slow song, followed by some classic 60's uptempo ska, and not be affected at all.

    There's probably loads of scientific research which'll tell me I'm talking b*ll*cks, but I'm yet to be convinced!

  • Could you recommend the best ear phones to wear whilst running please?  Ones that dont keep falling out of your ears whilst youre running! image

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    I use Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports and they never fall out. They also happen to be sweat/water resistant.

  • This is a really personal area, as it all depends on the shape of your ears!

    I am currently using JVC "marshmallow" type ear phones, and I've never had a problem with them falling out.

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