I have a half marathon in 3 weeks-my first

I would like to run it in under 1hr 50mins (8.23 mile pace)

What pace do you think I should run the 2 long runs I have left (12 miles)

and my mid week 6 milers (3 per week)

I get conflicting figures from calculators some say LSR at race pace some say as slow as 10 min pace

thanks any help will be greatly appreciated-a bit worried that if I dont run close to race pace I wont be able to up it on the day-on the other hand dont want to get injured/over train


  • I don't think you should do the 12 mile runs at race pace, just do what feels like an easy pace. I would question doing two 12 mile runs so close to the race, I tend to do just one long run about 2 weeks before. The 6 mile runs I would either fartlek or almost race pace up until about 10 days before and then take at an easy pace, especially the last one before the race, which I would do about 3 or 4 days before the race -  might be best to only do about 3 or 4 miles for the last training run.

    All this based in what I do, I'm not an expert, I run at about your pace for a half marathon.

    Good luck

  • I ran my last half in 1:50 - did my last 2 12 milers at 9 min mile pace and my 6 milers at 8 min mile pace. Calculators said 10 min mile for LSRs but felt too slow for me as 9 min miles were fairly easy. Go with how u feel for your LSRs (ie don't push it too hard) as long as you've got the pace on your shorter runs u should be ok for your target half.

  • running eyerunning eye ✭✭✭

    ok then just did my next long run.

    13.1 miles (first time ever) 1hr 52mins

    was not sure what pace to go was on a high after returning from Hillsborough watching Sheffield Wednesday get promotion so adrenline must have helped.

    So if i can run at 8.37 pace in training what pace should i try for at my first race. Was fairly knackered after the run, 20 years ago would have celebrated Wednesday's promotion with 13 pints now a 13 mile run how times have changed!!

    Also my route is quite hilly, the first half consists of a 1000 foot climb then obviously the last half a 1000 foot down hill. Do you think this is easier than running all on the flat as the last half is easier than a flat run?

  • Well done on the 13.1 mile time.

    No I don't think a hilly course, which ever we the hills appear on the course, is easier than a flat run. For the race I would recommend taking the first half steady (uphill) and then gradually increase the pace on the 2nd half (downhill) and aim for a strong, fast finish.

  • Are you doing the Sheffield half by any chance?
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    Yes thats right are you ?

    My first HM

    Have you done it before?
  • Nope, but I'll be taking it on as my first HM too (albeit at a much more leisurely pace) image

    I ws checking out the map on Runkeeper today... it's a lot flatter than your training route but should have enough hills to keep it interesting. The main ups are before the halfway mark, so you'll get the downhills on the last 10k ??? so some similarities there. Looks to me like you could easily knock a couple of minutes off image

    Good luck!
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    Thanks and good luck to you also.

    At the halfway point I will be within a few hundred yards of my front door- hope its not too tempting!!
  • Ok here you go.

    My credentials are a first GNR 2011 HM at 1:31

    I did it on about the same milage your doing.

     As I never do any specific training for a race I would suggest this.

    In the last few weeks I concentrated on stamina and speed work, rather than endurance. You know you can run 13 miles but you have to get those legs turning over smooth, fast as well. Its not too late. Tempo runs, some track intervals, run some diagonals ( look it up) If you have a parkrun near you stick that in as well this weekend if you can. A 10k would be even better. Remember you should be tapering now. So cut down the milage but keep the regularity of runs.

    Good fortune


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