A newbie saying hi!


I have been running for exercise purposes for a few years on and off - but got remotivated and back into running in January. I have been doing 5k 3/4 times a week regularly since then - and although speed and fitness has improved - Ive found that I need a challenge - so Ive taken the plunge and decided to train for a half marathon. Whilst looking on the web for training plans etc I came across this site - and Ive gained some insightful info whilst looking through the forums, I can see a lot of support offered - so thought Id sign up and wave hello as I have a feeling I will be a regular visitor from her on in image xx


  • Welcome, Emma. These forums are a valuable source of information and support, so you've come to the right place. Which half are you doing?

  • Hi thanks for the welcome image Its in Maidstone, South East - although looking on here theres so many more I didnt know about - I might sign up for more !lol image x

  • Ha!  That's the problem, so many events, so little time...  Enjoy!

  • Welcome Emma, you sound like you're in a similar situation to me, I have been doing 5-10 k 2 or 3 times a week for a few years, eventually entered Brighton Half last year and was pleased to finish in just under 2 hours, then got a couple of niggly knee problems and the running tailed off.  Just getting back into it now, following a beginner 8 weeks to 5k plan to try and ease back in gently, but hoping to do Brighton 10k later in the year and maybe the half next year.

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