My first 10k race in a week - advice for last minute training please!

So The Oxford Town and Gown next weekend will be my first run which is official. Looking forwards to — and nervous about — it! 

I only started running properly a few months ago. I started the NSH couch to 5k thing in december, stopped in early January, then started running real distances spontaneously in early March. 

I know I can do the distance - each run I do at the moment involves a huge uphill section - T&G is all flat, and I've done a few 'big' runs including an 18k and a couple of 13ks. 

I'm hoping to do it in a sub 50 time. I am pretty much bang on that time for my 10k runs which includes the hills and stopping for traffic. 

Any training tips for the last week?! I did a 13k today, not sure if I should be taking it easy from now on and do a 5k every couple of days or do another similar sized rune before the big day?

Any tips for the day itself?!

Cheers! Clinton 

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