Hi all,

I was hoping that someone would be able to give me some advice.

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to start running and I am aiming to the Cumbrian Run in October. I have spoken to a few of my friends who are runners and they have advised me that it requires a good 4 to 6 month training so I feel I have just started at the right time.

On Thursday I ran my first 2 mile on the treadmill, 1 mile running then fast walked then a further mile which was fine but definately needed some new trainers as the ones I had are just for the gym and offer no support whatsoever.

I have been to my gym shop and went on the running machine that shows you how you are running and which trainers are the best to buy. I have purchased a pair of Asics which are so much better than my old trainers.

I went out last night and ran my first 4 miles ever, I did ok, I think, but I noticed that when I was running I was 'stomping', slightly going on my heel first but only very slightly and then my balls straight down as though I am flat footed. I have woke up this morning with very sore knees on the bottom.

Can anyone advise me how to run better, especially when it comes to my foot fall. I am not out of breath just my shins and knees are so sore while I run and feel like my legs weigh a ton weight. I do spinning and body pump at the gym. Should I be doing anything else or will this just go as I run more?

Any advice will be great.



  • Having done this event after training 3 months I can tell you it is possible (i did it in 1.54 the first time) have done it a second time as well.

    I would try and get off the treadmill and outside as much as possible- it is an undulating route the treadmill will not prepare you for this)

    Your 4 miles is a good start, i would just take it steady and build up your mileage. I kept a log of each run so i could track improvements. I can't really help on the footfall issue as its not something i have experience of, defo keep an eye on it...

    Perhaps slow down and concentrate on your form? plus you might just be expecting too much..i mean it is your first 4 miles you're bound to ache afterwards, go easy on yourself image


  • If you feel you're 'stomping', the first two things to concentrate on are:

    - don't 'overstride'. Your foot should be directly under your centre of mass when it's making contact with the ground. This will help your body absorb shock. To keep up speed, take more steps, rather than longer strides (you should be concentrating on running slowly at the moment to build up an endurance base anyway).

    - concentrate on using your muscles to lift your legs, and then letting them fall 'on their own'; i.e. by only the force of gravity. Listen to your footfalls when you're concentrating on this, and ditch the music until you're happy with your form.

    If you've been sold the right shoes, it may well be that a heel-strike is the most suitable gait for you, so I wouldn't recommend struggling to change it.

    Some soreness/discomfort from running can be normal. Pain is your body's way of telling you something needs changing.
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