addicted now

am in my third week of running. took advice of those on here and am strictly following training times. did 3r/1w x6 today. its an hour later, i managed to do it, didnt giveup half way like i always think i will, got back and am still buzzing!!!!



  • Well done, Caroline!

  • Yay you!  image

  • Go you!  You're doing great. image

  • Hi Caroline, I am also in my third week of running, it's so addictive already. You are doing great.
  • i dont know. it was bloody hard work today. i got thru the 2nd half on sheer stubborness. i've been eating too  much today maybe that didnt help. and my legs ache. not pain, but aching. oh stop moaning woman


  • Caroline, I was wondering how you were getting on with your training? I'm now on week 5 of the C25K, running 5 minutes nonstop, and tomorrow moving up to 8 minutes. How are you finding it?
  • morning,

    today i did 8r/2w x 3. it was fine. i feel that i have to force myself to keep going, try and distract myself from the running, give myself little goals. bizarrely today i ran really quite fast, got home and had to keep going round my road!!!

    i worry every week about moving onto the next week, but somehow manage to do it. i didnt find going from 5 to 8 minutes running too difficult. let me know how you get on x

  • and am still buzzing!!!

  • Morning!

    I've just been out for my run and I can't believe that I managed to run for 8 minutes, how can my fat, unfit body be managing this? I struggled with running a minute 6 weeks ago. And bizarrely I think that in my first 8 minutes I could've kept going, I wasn't ready to walk but I did and found the second 8 minutes more difficult to get into stride. This is making me much more positive about managing 20 minutes on Thursday morning now.

    5k park run here I come (soon)!
  • image i know what you mean about the reverting to walking. although my legs needed it i found it difficult to change stride.

    i am about to go out and do 12r 1w x3. which is sounding horrific. its the programme off this site. i'll let you know

    many congrats. you sound like your buzzing!! hey we're even doing our runs on the same day. pity your prob in like sheffield or somewhere, i could really do with a running mate x

  • I'm in Glasgow, on the border with Paisley. Where are you Caroline?
  • i knew you've been a ton of miles away!!! i'm in aylesbury, its about 25 mins from oxford in bucks. i've just come back from the above mentioned run. i did it!!! i didnt stop!!! it felt flipping great. so the park run your aiming for, is it an organised thing?

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    inspiring stuff! I am on week 4 of the c25k plan (using the iphone app) and know what you mean about a) running for times that you thought were impossible just a few weeks ago and b) feeling like you can run for much longer.

    For the first time I can actually visualise myself running for hours! Ok it's still a long way away but it does not seem completely impossible any more.

    I asked about whether it is ok to move on to full time running and the general advice has been to stick with the plan. It apparently will allow your tendons and muscles to get conditioned in a more controlled manner. I did still cheat - i run the 5 mins cooldown and then add an extra 5 mins walk on the end. I messed this up on my last run and ended up being further away from home than I expected and ended up running 8 mins straight without realising it image Happy days! It's going to take all the patience in the world to stick with the plan.

    I REALLY look forward to my run days now - and the run is over all too quickly image

  • believe in the plan, for it is setting the ground for the long distances you will be able to do in the not too distant future. if you build it, it will come(sorry kevin costner). but i know exactly what you mean about being able to envisage just keeping running. and yes if someone had told me i could run from the back of tesco on the canal all the way back home(trust me good distance) on 23rd april when i started i would have laughed in their faces. result amir and pink lynne x

  • It was someone on these boards that told me about park runs. They are all over the country, every Saturday morning and are a timed 5k. I googled park run Glasgow and found one in our local park that we go to all the time, but just never at that time on a Saturday morning! I can see the most recent results on the website so it's giving me an idea of how fast I'll need to be to compete and not make a total tube of myself. Try googling your nearest town and see what you find!
  • I did it! 20 minutes non-stop, it feels amazing, totally elated now! It was tough, even during it I was struggling and had to keep giving myself mini-goals, eg the end of this street, my friends house along a bit, the end of this song, but somehow managed it.

    How is everyone else's plans coming along?
  • well done lynne, i still havent done 20 mins non stop tho. mini goals are great, they make things easier. i have done 12 run 1 walk x3 twice this week and it felt good!! yesterday for the 1st time my calves weren't tight. hurrah. have you got the losing weight bit under control cos i certainly havent.

  • I started Slimming World in January this year and weighed in at (gulp!) 20 stone 1 lbs. I have lost 3 stone 12 lbs up til now and still have 6 stones to go to get to target. My friend is the leader so she keeps me on the straight and narrow! I do Zumba either twice or four times a week too (depends on hubby's shifts) and this helps too.

    I'm hoping that running helps me get to goal and helps me stay there!
  • Hi All, I've been reading this thread and would like to join in if I can as I'm also a newbie runner. I'm 55 and this all started a few weeks ago when I was trying to think of a way to raise money for our grandson's op 'SDR' (which will enable him to walk), basically the NHS will not fund the op 35K so everyone has gone into overdrive with the fund raising. 

    As I live in Turkey, so am not on hand,  but come back regularly I really wanted for us to be able to do something here, so in a moment of madness I entered hubby and myself into a half marathon in Cornwall in August.

    We have been training now for 4/5 wks and I started off only being able to run for 2 mins before having to stop and walk (asthma sufferer), anyway I'm on a high today as I managed to run for 19mins without stopping, it felt amazing and I did 3 miles in 38mins, I know that's not breaking any records but I'm so chuffed!

    Well done P/L I totally understand how you felt doing your 20mins


  • hello tina

    course you can join our little thread. we are a very select band- 4 of us now!!! and i did 3 miles in 39 minutes- its a great feeling. and it really doesnt matter how fast you are going- covering the distance is by far the more important thing

    so where are you from in this country- cornwall area then? i bet thats a lovely place to do a half marathon. i think doing it in august would scare me but i guess as long as you remember to pace yourself and walk a bit

    am waffling cos i have alcohol, and have just got a job- hurrah!!!

    caroline x

  • Welcome Tina, glad you are joining us. How do you cope with running in the heat in Turkey? Well done on your training do far, sounds like its going really well and it's such a boost to see yourself improving. I have asthma too and it's my breathing I struggle with during runs, not pain or fatigue anywhere. I'm hoping that it will improve as I get fitter and lighter.

    Congrats on the job Caroline, good excuse for a wee bit of alcohol!
  • good work!!!

    Keep on going

  • pink i am still drinking today that is the only prob. but i had a great run this morning. do you feel the breathing has improved tho since you started?

  • Hi Caroline, its a bank holiday weekend, if you can't drink now when can you drink!!

    I didn't run this morning but hoping to be out tomorrow morning. What did you find this morning to make it great? I think that sometimes it just feels "right" but I can't explain why. My breathing is definitely better than when I started but it needs to keep improving. Within about 200 yards I get breathless and I stay like that til I stop although I can manage it a bit better now. I take my inhaler just before I leave the house but have definitely noticed that the warmer the weather the easier my breathing is.

    What's the next stage in your programme now?
  • mon 15 min running 1  min walking x2. it was great this morning cos i manged to keep going, it felt comfortable, so manangeable. i suppose with your breathing you have to put up with it if its manageble.

    i am working for three days in a row after 2mo. i work in a care home. its hard work.

  • Hi all, thanks for the welcome, after showing off with my 3miles in 38mins, I had a disaster run yesterday, got up early, didn't feel great and ended up doing 5mile run/walk in 1hr 20mins, but at least I did it, scared not to stick to the schedule as I might not make the half marathon in August.

    Caroline well done on your new job, I hope it goes well for you. Totally agree with you sometimes it feels just great but sometimes it is a struggle, I guess it's just how your body is on that paticular day, but the good runs keep you going.

    P/L Agree with you about the breathing, mine is better now than it was but still not easy, I pass by some people and they're chatting away, phew no way I can do that, just happy to get back still breathing, it's hard work but don't you feel great when you've achieved what you set out to do, I'm defo hoping to keep it up even after the H/M even though it just started out to raise money.

    Have a good day everyone, and keep up the good work

  • tina,

    i think none of us will have to be worried about doing a bit of walking in withthe running. i read somewhere about walking for a minute at every mile marker. 5 miles in hr and 20 doesnt sound like a complete disaster at this point x

  • hi ladies

    I have just started running to but using a plan set by my instructor which i am thinking of changing as i dont eel like i am achieving much.  She has me running on a treadmill for as long as it takes to do a mile....i've gone from 17mins to 15mins jog/walk but still cant run a full mile without walking.....frustrating...

    Waht plan are you all following?

  • Thanks Caroline that's what we all need is a bit of encouragement, and I do enjoy a drink in the evening which I had given up but hell if I can still run and enjoy a drink then what the hell, my hubby says enjoy it you don't have to give up everything! I've just been out this morning and done 3mls in 39mins, so I'm on a high again.

    Samantha, as we have to train for a half marathon in August I decided I had to have a plan to go by building up the mileage slowly so I copied a schedule off the internet and go by that.........I'm not an expert by any means but don't worry about the time it takes, just keep plodding on and it will come, it doesn't matter if you walk/jog is what I've been told, actually it's recommended now apparently. so keep going, you'll get there.

  • Hi Ladies

    Tina - I thought you were a mega-early runner having been out already this morning but I forgot you were in Turkey! Do you run early because of the heat later in the day or is it other factors? I run early so that it doesn't impact on family life as they are all still in bed but also because if I waited til evening I'd find an excuse to cancel.

    Samantha - I am doing the couch to 5k plan, I am on week 6 now. I've found it tough but do-able. Each stage has been difficult but considering at the start I couldn't even run for 60 seconds I can now do 20 minutes non-stop. I downloaded an app for my iPhone and I listen to it as I go.

    Caroline - when do you start your new job? Have you been running over the weekend? I went to go yesterday morning but my 3 year old was up at 5am with a sore tummy so I didn't go. Been out this morning to do run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5. How could that be more difficult than run 20? But it was!

    Enjoy the bank holiday everyone
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