Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

<span class="postbody">Want the chance to push your body to the limit on a
legendary course?

Test yourself at the Alpe d’Huez EDF Triathlon on the Mythical Climb containing 21 bends tackled by some of the biggest names in cycling history – Coppi, Pantani, Lemond, Armstrong…
Run the course, where not only did Chrissie Wellington reveal herself to the Ironman world before winning four titles in Hawaii, but also where Tim DOM ran to victory in 2011.
Wait no longer and register at where there remains only 300 places for the long course, and 500 for the short course.

Don't hesitate to contact me personally for more information about the race


  • I have entered for 2013 and have read everything I can find to get advice and guidance - any hints and tips from you would be hugely appreciated!! image
  • Zut alors! I've only gone and entered.

    Looking at the distances, it's marginally longer than a half. Sure the bike has a couple of lil lumps in it, but I reckon I can be finished in time for a late, long lunch and an afternoon kip imageimage.

    If anybody else is entered, or can provide advice having done it before, I'd love to chat to you please! Logistics are freaking me out.

  • Aah we will be fine!! image
  • As long as you don't mind me drafting you up, Zoe image? I've been struggling to find a race that gets my dander up for 2013, but this one has the cool factor! Look forward to chatting to you in the run-up.

  • Sure thing!! Me and my mate Grace are doing it - it's her first triathlon!! Nutter!!
  • Slower ... I think Plum has done this one ??

  • Thanks Melds. I'll go ask. Hope you're well!

    Choosing this one as a first tri certainly does implicate your friend as deranged, Zoe. Are you sure she's safe to travel with? image


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