UTMB 2013?

There might be a UTMB 2012 thread in RW somewhere but a quick scout didn't find anything. Please direct me if wrong!

Am thinking about 2013 now - got to plan ahead for some of these big events. This year's running is going well.

Anyone else thinking of next year and UTMB specifically. Also any advice from experienced UTMBers.



  • Im looking at maybe 2014 so will keep an eye out on this one.

  • Absolutely I'm in, missed out on the ballot this year which gives me guaranteed entry next year, also missed out on the GUCR and Tor des Geants ballots too so someone's trying to tell me something.

    There's a couple here who've done multiple, Mark777 being one I think. Just did CCC last year but it was incredible and given the choice I'll be back every year
  • I am working to assemble the necessary points as we speak (got seven, just not over 3 races). 

    Baring a very long run of bad luck, I will have them by December. 

  • I'm debating CCC - I know i'm not ready for UTMB yet, that's a longer dream, but I think just to be part of something, to be in CCC would be amazing. However, I also think it may need a lot of thought/planning on my part with regard to life amongst other things!

  • How's the Centurion triple planning going BD?

    Good to hear you are getting in LIrish. If you miss out on the ballot in one year do you automatically get in the next year?

    I've got 8 points from 3 races. Should have 10 from 3 by December. Not sure if extra points help? Its the height loss that worries me most about UTMB. Ascending I can cope with.

    Any ideas on chances of getting in?

    There was another thread here about telling partners / friends about entering ultra races. I think I will enter first and tell later if I get in as no point in using up any goodwill if my entry gets knocked back!

  • Hh extra points mean nothing, as long as you have the required ones you'll have the same chance as everyone else.at the moment if you're refused in the ballot you get guaranteed entry the following year, as long as you still have the required points.

    The ascent and descent swerve like nothing I'd every experienced before. As is my way I didn't really study the course profile before I went but suffice to say it was brutal, even for the shorter course of the CCC. Think hands on knees ascents for over an hour.

    As is said in my earlier post the UTMB is something I'll come back to again and again, that whole week in chamonix was incredible, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone
  • Don't think I am going to do the triple this year Hillheader, though I might be able to boast at the end of the year that I have either participated in or marshaled for all the Centurion events!

  • I'm considering it too... although maybe CCC or TDS would be the better start ? I'm on my way to 6 points but need to book another event to have a shot at UTMB, even if that does make sense for a novice...   4 points will hopefully come from Ring o'Fire in Wales, which has about 5 places left and likely to sell out this week as only 100 allowed for first year.

  • Daft question maybe.   What is a good stepping stone for this?  Lakelands 50?  Then 100?

  • Spen - that's roughly the route I'm thinking - this year I'm doing Dukeries, Osmotherley Phoenix then (hopefully!!) peaking for Ultra Trail Peak District - 57ish miles and quite hilly (and 2 points for UTMB, ie enough for CCC and TDS)

    Next year will depend to some extent on this year - but I'm already thinking Fellsman then Lakeland 100

    After that...well, I'll see how i'm getting on!!

  • Maybe Fellsman and Lakeland50 next year.

  • I also have eyes on 2014 for the UTMB, and 2013 for CCC. Have got the IOW ultra and NDW 50 planned for this year (2 points a piece) and if I get lucky in the CCC balot then provided I complete all that gives me enough. Am looking at others too just incase of injury or god forbid a DNF in one or more of the above. 

    Fellsman looks good for next year, quite fancy the look of the Hardmoors races too.

  • Anyone know the odds of getting in? Not sure of other races I'd like to do instead. Did (for a minute!) think of The Spine but I think that is a bit stupid at moment.

  • Last year odds for the long course were just over one in three I believe, I'm sure it'll be on their site somewhere
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭

    Chance of getting in is about 50%, but that will certainly decrease in future years due to new regs.  Chance of finishing is less than 50% - doesn't matter whether you're fast or slow.  For example, Scott Jurek has only finished once in five attempts (in 17th), and multiple MdS winner Mo Ahansal finished his only attempt in 125th place!

    Despite being currently injured and having to miss this year's GUCR, I have a place in UTMB for the sixth year running.  I've had 3 finishes and 2 abandons previously, and have been round the course in training another 4 or 5 times.  Happy to help with any advice.  Just DM me or ask on here.

    I did a race report on how it beat me up last year on another thread, so I'll dig it out in case anyone finds it useful/interesting.  Just to put it in context, I'm no elite, but I'm no beginner either.  I've run 40 ultras in the past 10 years, including a few podiums a couple of wins and course records and I've a marathon PB of 2.45.  Four weeks before last years race I went round the course on my own unsupported in three stages and took 28 hours.  But the cumulative effect on the race was much harder than I anticipated, despite having done it before & knowing every inch of the racecourse...

    ...ah, here it is

  • Sounds like a fanstastic event LIrish - thanks for the recommendation. Thanks Dan - great tale. you must know every bend in the race by now. Will no doubt poke you for info nearer the time.

    I've entered an obscure event in the US called Pinhoti in November. That will be my only other 100 mile event this year. Going to use this as a feeler for fitness with about 9000 ft of ascent.

  • For those that are interested here's my race report from a few years ago http://andydubois.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Ultra Trail Mont Blanc

    For all those wondering whether you are capable or not and what would be a stepping stone to the UTMB, I don't think you necessarily need a stepping stone provided you train correctly. It was my second ultra ( there were no qualifying points needed back in 2007) and I had a great day out. No days to qualify you must have finished more than one ultra on trails , so if you have qualified then go for it.

    Just be aware that it really doesn't compare to a race like the SDW 100 miles or GU135. Lakeland 100, and Hardmoors 110 would be the closest in comparison

    The key factor is doing the ascent descent in training. There are no flat sections of the course so training on the flat is a waste of time. As much as possible of your training needs to be on hills .Have read of this article on hill training http://www.mile27.com.au/downhill-running/

    Any questions feel free to ask.
  • This will be my first UTMB and I am pretty much kitted out except for the long sleeve warm garment of at least 180g or a 2 piece combination of base/mid layer with windproof jacket. any suggestions?

  • Andrew I used a Helly Hamsen long sleeve last year and it was fine, for the waterproof I had a montane top which again was fine. One word of caution though, whatever kit you do use make sure it's the best you can afford, last year we had blazing sunshine, torrential rain snow and sleet all on the same course, your kit is really tested and you don't want to be found wanting 8000 feet up in the alps
  • Well one things for certain Lirish,the waterproof gear has been tested to the max. I did get a lot of blank looks when asking for a waterproof with 50,000 schmiebers? So bought the TNF that they recommend.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Did it this year and last year. DNF'd in 2010 - I had very little idea what i was getting into!!! Finished this year but pretty annoyed that it was such a radically altered/shortened course so I will be applying for next year and hoping I am successful in the ballot.... especially as the 'next year guarantee' if unseccessful no longer applies.

    Its a brutally hard race and quite unlike any Ultra I have run but my god its incredible. The best start line atmosphere? Probably.

    I would echo what a previous comment said. Get on the hills and go up and down them. Over and over again. Milage is useless, its all about metres climbed and more importantly descended.

    Dan A is the man to direct questions to but would happily offer up any info I can.

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Will be putting my name in the lottery for CCC...

    I will worry about kit later on, I am fairly sure I will have it all somewhere!

  • Got to agree with Bruce,it was a real shame to have the course cut short,it was to have been my first attempt at a 100 mile race. I didn't do any other ultras this year simply because there was none in the UK that could anywhere near match the ascent and descent of the UTMB so just got myself up and down the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia relentlessly. It seemed to work as I was still finding no problem with the ups and downs and I'm pretty sure I would have completed the whole course.Oh and definately the best atmosphere I have experienced at a race,simply amazing..Still currently trying to explain to the other half,"yes I know I have a finishers waistcoat,but I dont feel as though I've really done the UTMB,so I've got to try again" Seems reasonable to me?

  • Seems like we may have a fair few from RW going to Chamonix next year if you're all lucky
  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Yep... gotta get a place first before I even start thinking about it. Plus it is months away.

  • Entry day is marked on my calender.

    Given my terrible track record for good fortune you've all got a slightly better chance of getting in.

  • Andrew Dubois,

    Great race report and holy cow! 28hrs! Amazing. As soon as I get another place at UTMB I will be going through your training blog with a fine tooth comb. Incredible time.

  • I've been on startline for UTMB (last year) and TDS (this year), DNF both for different reasons, having run long sections of the two all I'll say is both are tough, but in my experiance, mile-for-mile the TDS is tougher, bit more ascent descemt, more technical, rougher, rockier, muddier ground (closer to Lakeland 100 or lake distriuct rough trails in places). UTMB trail is generally pretty runnable stuff, its just the extra ascent/descent picked up over the extra distance that makes it the "daddy"! 

    My point in this comparison being. Maybe don't treat the TDS as a step up to UTMB, best to try CCC first unless your hugely experianced with mountainous stuff elsewhere. Though 35 or so miles shorter than UTMB and only 10-15 longer than CCC (based on full routes run - which we know isn't always the case with these events) the extra difficulty of the course made it feel more like a 100 miler than a 50. Having done the Lakeland 50 this year very comfortably the TDS (70m~) was very much a different ballpark.

    Knowing what I know now, I'd have tried CCC first and then either UTMB or TDS the next year. But what the TDS does have going for it is that its the only single-runner UTMB series event which didn't go to ballot last year, so if your not hung up on a 100 and just fancy a really serious challenge, this may be worth a punt.

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