Edinburgh Marathon 2012


My girlfriend & I are looking for a car share from the Leeds area early-ish on the Saturday so if anyone wants to split petrol costs let me know!




  • I have already made plans  and going on friday and staying at a hotel for two nights.

    All the best for the Marathon!

    Peter image

  • Hello Peter, i am also doing edingburgh in two weeks. My  first marathon so feeling nervous, how is your training going.

  • Terrible if the truth is known! Have a dodgy knee so have a knee support! I do a lot of half marathon runs. I did the Stamford 18 mile run in 3 hours a few months ago so I think I'll manage! No doubt the atmosphere and all other runners will spurr us all to complete it!

    I just want to finish the run now! However I aim to finish in about 4 hrs 30 mins! It will be my first also! Tried to get into London but missed out which is why I'm doing Edingburgh. If all works well and get the bug I plan to do Brighton next year! But first I need to finish this one and hopefully don't get further knee trouble!
  • I have a place i cant use if anyone is interested. r.r.perry@btinternet.com
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