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  • When you shop online the customer service is better than you get from Sports Direct!

  • I bought some karrimor shorts once what a waste of money. Not only did I look like a 1970's PE teacher they chafed that badly the inside of my legs were actually bleeding
  • Karrimor trainers, I used to use Salomons but stopped doing trail, so when I needed new I thought give Karrimor a go for £30, the insole was immediately crap (had to swap for a decent quality) and the top after a few miles looked flimsy.

    After approximately 150 miles of trail, the tops ripped apart and died last weekend, Salomons top and insole fantastic, and lasted many many miles, but the Salomon had awful grip, the Karrimor had the best grip I ever experienced. Or so I found



  • I didnt go with Karrimor shoes, even though they looked good. I decided to go with a pair of Reebok. I have always like Reebok. I did look at online prices, but you just never know about the fit buying online.

    Did buy myself and and son I pair of running shorts (Karrimor). They seems pretty good so far.

    What I couldnt believe, when I was in SportsDirect the other day, I overheard a lady trying to return a pair of running shoes. She had never run before, had gone into Sports diresct and asked for advice on what to buy (I think there is where people go wrong), she had gone for a run in them and they hurt her knees, so she was trying to return them, they would accept them as a return. I would trust any advice from the sales people, when I think of some of the comments I have heard.

  • I find the kit ok and decent value.

    HOWEVER, my OH bought some of their top end running shoes and they seem to be terrible. I`m wondering if she can take them back as Karrimor were pushed a bit too strongly by the assistant.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    They push Karrimor because they own the brand.

    They seem to hate me when I go in as I know exactly what I want. They always try to force the Karrimor ones on me but I always explain how many races over the years I have run in New Balance trainers without any issues.

    You quite often see a person being persuaded out of buying a perfectly good pair of Asics into buying some supposed "Top End" Karrimors.
  • What a rip off so if someone goes into one of their shops not knowing much about running shoes they will all be given the same advice that what they need is a pair of crappy karrimor's. Isn't there supposed to be some kind of rules on this sort of thing or are they free to ush whatever products they want?
  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Notice no asics in store... Maybe some companies are aware of this.... 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    This was quite a while ago. I know they used to do the Kayno.

    Maybe they delisted them as sales were so low (due to the staff persuading the shoppers to move to Karrimor)

    I often think they only have the traditional brands on show just to get people in the shop. Then the sales pitch begins...
  • Asics terminated their contract with Sports Direct, because they were afraid that they were cheapening the brand.

    Nike arranged a massive nation wide training scheme for Sports Direct staff, and shortly afterwards they stopped supplying them their top end running shoes.

    It was after these two events that Sports Direct started pushing Karrimors aggressively.


  • I butted in last night on a member of staff trying to ward a customer off a pair of Pegasus 29 because "they're a couple of years old now, and technology's moved on since then - these Karrimor are just out and they're state-of-the-art".

    I talked the customer through the history of the Pegasus line, dropping in the fact that Mo Farah wears them, and recommended she tried both before taking the fella's word for it.

    The way they're going, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sports Direct end up with just Karrimor and some of the other cheap brands they own. Nike, New Balance et al really need to pay some mystery shoppers to go round some of these stores. The staff seemingly do nothing but slag their products off.

  • The reason that SD sell such shitty shoes is that their shoe buyer works for Sweatshop. He steers SD away from the good shoes so that Sweatshop can retain their profit margins on them.

  • It's not a theory, it's a fact.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Any more SD / Karrimor secrets Phil?
  • Seeing as SD own 25% of sweatshop it's not the most far fetched conspiracy theory ever

  • SD store managers can get paid very well but can work ridiculous hours.
  • SD have nothing to do with the running of Sweatshop.
  • They had a bit of a war with Sweatshop, and to my not inconsiderable surprise, Sweatshop seem to have got the best of it. They have pretty much pushed SD out of their end of the market.

  • You used to be able to get some bargains in the shoe department at SD but not anymore coz they only sell crap shoes.
  • As a beginner ive opted for the Karrimor brand, jacket and gloves for the colder days, a sports bra and a light t-shirt for all round. I went in to get some leggings the other day, apparent size 10, i could hardly get them past my knee's and the material felt horrible so just stuck to what i had. 

    I remember Karrimor been in Tog24 shops and been a real good brand, a few bits still are but i took the plunge went for Nike sports bra..what a difference! Quality and fit are brilliant. 

  • Based on the errr.... demographic who shop for casual wear in SD I reckon there is a good reason their own brand is called Karrimor.

    Edit: Just realised that sometimes attempted humour doesn't come across with the written word. If you knew me you'd know what I meant by this.

  • I posted on a similar thread months ago, may even have been this one, received a tirade of abuse and accusations of being a SD sales person because I said I'd bought a pair of Karrimor running/trail shoes from SD.

    Been wearing them now for over a year, 2 to 3 runs per week on roads and more filthy of road surfaces and lots of muddy mountain biking. Sorry to go against the grain here but they have lasted longer than my previous New Balance's, they are comfortable and are not falling apart yet.

    Waits for abuse . . .
  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Lynch the heretic.

  • Well said Warey.

    Have run many miles in Karrimor trail shoes with no issues. Probably not the highest quality footwear in existence, but does the job and so long as you have the intelligence to see though the SD pricing strategy and the "advice" from the drones who work there, you can get decent value for money.

    I look forward to being manacled to you on the tumbrill which transports us through the jeering crowds of RW trolls to be chained to the stakes awaiting out fiery death. image

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    I've often labelled those at the back of a Half-Marathon field The Karrimour krew due to the amount of Karrimour on show there. (Including myself I must add). The more lithe front runners often sport other brands.

    It is very cheap and I've found the running socks I've bought from there to be excellent. So credit where it's due.

    I won't comment on the shoes.

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