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Hi All

I seemed to have developed a toilet issue over the past few weeks on top of injury which is pretty much guaranteeing that my first marathon is going to be a nightmare.

I am however quite upbeat still and excited but would really like some idea of whereabouts of toilets for the EM to at least not have to worry about where they are.

I've always had a slight issue when running a half but imodium has always done the job very well until now and never on training runs like it is now. Thankfully i'm a food logger addict and i'm going over the past few weeks and trying to eliminate what has caused this to escalate this badly (or is it just nerves).

So does anyone know whereabouts on the route they are or how often?

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  • Hi Carrie,

    Have a look at the event information http://www.edinburgh-marathon.com/?marathon_eventinfo it says that there are toilets at all the hydration stations so that's about every 5K.  If you follow the link you can see them on a map too.

    Hope that helps.


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    If it's early on in the race, there's also a public toilet block around 5-6 miles I think. It's as the route heads out the coast, maybe around Portobello? They're set just a few metres back from the path and there were no queues when I used them. I only spotted them as I saw a couple of blokes coming out of the gents.

    Hope it goes well on the day! image

  • Thanks guys, i had looked at the website but not seen the mention of toilets.

    If i stop at Portobello it'll be the hotel i'm staying and i won't come back out image


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