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I have decided to plumb for the Chester marathon in October. Now that gives me just over 4 months training. I have done 3 HM's and my PB is 2hrs 30 sec. I haven't ran that distance for 10 months now, I am being crazy by thinking I could do the full distance. 

I have started running again about 3 months ago and doing 5k in 25.46 and 10K in 51.42 and also doing 400m sprints 5 times on Tuesday nights image

Can someone give me some guidance, I would love to do it in sub 4 hr.. 


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  • I'm also doing the Chester marathon in October. Been training for 6 months or so, done 1 half marathon in 2hrs 8 mins, just done a 10k in 52:50. Best 5k of 25mins. Your times suggest that you need to do endurance training because a 10k time like you have is well on course for a sub 2 hour HM and around 4hr marathon.
    However, I'm just a beginner on the journey training for a 1st marathon. 

  • I'm sure with the right attitude and committment you can go the distance. I would take a look at the RW training plans which will show the committment you need in developing your long runs. Typically these are 16 week plans, or use Smartcoach

    This is going to be over the summer so there will be the heat, disruptions with holiday etc to factor in.

    I would start developing a decent base mileage per week over the next month (work on the slow steady miles) , and then start your 4 month plan in June
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    My advice, forget sub 4hr.  It's not that you can't do it, or won't do it (although it is very very unlikely), but that having that in mind will disrupt a very achievable goal of enjoying the completion of your first marathon.  (It is your first, right?)  Off your present HM PB I'd think you'd be looking at 4:30 for the Full, so that's the kind of figure you have to get into your head and spend time on your feet preparing for.

    There's a huge amount to learn from your first marathon (from every marathon really) and what you learn will tell you what you need for subsequent ones in which your goals can be more time oriented.  Right now you need to gradually get used to longer and longer runs, to work your aerobic systems, and you only really have three months before you've got to be up to your longest training distance.  So, for this one, run lots (gradually building up) and run slow (with a little speed lightly sprinkled in).

  • Yes i would look at 4.15 to 4.30. To do 4hrs I would expect to be able to knock out a HM in the low 1:50s now, and complete a thorough training plan. Keep your target realistic and achieveable based on the time committment you can make. it's a lot of time out there on you feet that you will meed
  • Just seen the replies chaps! so thankyou.. training is going well, was injured for two weeks but I've have just put in an 1hr 56 HM so well on course for 4hr 30 full.. cheers! image

  • Just a slight word of warning on the HM to Marathon conversion Martin.  I recently experienced this and was very confident of converting a sub-1.30 HM into a sub-3.15 full marathon however foolishly neglected to consider the difference in nutritional intake required for the two distances so make sure you try running whilst taking on energy drinks/sachets/sweets etc. as this is what I have found to be of the most importance when doing the full marathon distance.

    To this into perspective, I clocked 2h29m at the 19-mile mark, which was obviously a pretty decent pace however at about the 20.5 mile mark I crashed well and truly due to glycogen depletion and struggled immensely thereafter with any energy I then took on not having the full impact.  I finished in 3h40m so a pretty sedate last 7 miles!

    Best of luck with the conversion! 

  • Rhosddu I'm running Chester and plan to do 4:30 / quicker for my 1st marathon. I'm race no. 271. Message me if you fancy running along with me and we can get together. I did a 1hr59 HM over an undulating off-road course in J

  • Rhosddu I'm running Chester and plan to do 4:30 / quicker for my 1st marathon. I'm race no. 271. Message me if you fancy running along with me and we can get together. I did a 1hr59 HM over an undulating off-road course in July and have now done 5k parkrun (off-road) in 24mins, so ought to be at a similar level to you. image

  • Hi Anthony


    No worries, would be good to run with someone espically after the 20 mile mark lol (that would be new ground for me. I'm not sure of my bib number as yet... as soon as I know I'll message you my mobile if you want?

  • The 4:30 prediction was pretty much spot-on! image


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