Running a half marathon 2 weeks after a full marathon....

Is it madness or is there a chance I can get a a PB?  I have ran 5 Half's since September and ran Manchester marathon last Sunday.  I have entered Chester HM as I felt let down by my time at Manchester and I want to attempt to redeem myself, more mentally than physically.  

Those who have ran HM's not long after a marathon, did you do a good time AND did you manage to remain uninjured....? 


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    I ran 2 hm 2 weeks apart, both were pants times. The second I was too tired really to put in a good time. The first I had a cold so decided not to push it in case I blew up. I was informed by my coach that running 2 hm's 2 weeks apart was not a good thing to do. (if you want decent times - to race them).

    In all honesty, if you raced the marathon then you should not have recovered enough to race the hm and get a pb. if you just run races and don't push to the limit then you may get a pb. It's down to how hard you run / race.

    We are all different but I certainly couldn't race a hm 2 weeks after a marathon.

    You should really remain uninjured though unless your muscles are really too tired to run. You'll know that when you go out running this week.


    Thanks Camilla - I have ran two HM within 2 weeks before and was fine, ran them the same times but first one was flat and second was Conwy so was all the way up The Orme so was harder.  Remained injury free.  I probably raced the first 17 miles of the marathon then I realised it was too bad conditions to push myself so took the last 10 miles very easy. 

  • Not done a HM soon after a marathon, but found that contrary to the experience of many others, after the first few days (3 or 4) I ran some of my fastest times ever in training. I was absolutely flying post marathon, and really wished I'd booked some races in.

    As I said, many have a different experience. Just try it and see. If the body is not responding how you would like once you are a few miles in, just ease back and enjoy a relaxed run in company with some support from the side.

  • Thanks exiled.  That is what I will do.  Will just ramp back to my marathon race pace if things are too hard.  


  • At the end of last year, I (foolishly) entered the Luton Marathon and the Bedford Half (2 weeks apart) and then realised that there was a club cross-country on the Sunday in between. I wouldn't normally have run all 3 in such close succession, but didn't want to let the club down for XC - and really wanted to do Bedford. So I went out in the marathon with the mentality that I would 'enjoy' the run (or as I normally put it, "complete not compete") - but ended up running a PB. I then did some very easy runs throughout the next couple of weeks (apart from the XC), before doing the half and getting within 10 seconds of my half-PB (sub 1:23). I then took 3 whole weeks off - not from injury, but because I wanted to.

    So I think it's possible to run a good half time after a marathon, but remember to be very good to yourself afterwards - no matter what the outcome is! I also wouldn't recommend doing it too often.

    Obviously, this is just my experience - and it would depend on how injury prone you usually are (touch wood, I haven't had anything major for the last 5 years).

  • HO2, I hope its not madness as I'm another Manchester 'survivor' (and with a PB to boot image ) who is booked in for Chester on Sunday.

    Have been for a few short runs since ... and whilst legs seem to be coming back (first run was awful) ... cardiogeneral energy still seem to be on the low side, so don't think am going to be ripping up any records on the new course on Sunday.


  • Just chanced across this thread, I ran Manchester and have just ran the Chester Half, I ran Manchester fairly hard (2:53), thought I was recovering well, got a cold a few days before but me being me decided to run Chester.  It was a horrible experience, the cold obviously did not help but by mile 9 my legs had gone, nothing in them, very nearly retired from race and crossed the line in 1:23:47, I usually enjoy my races, I hated this one.  I now know for future after a marathon to race a half 2 weeks later is something I probably won't do again, run it yes, but not too hard.

  • I still don't really like the new Chester half course, that hill at the end is sadistic 

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