anyone have a discount code for them? I wouldn't normally buy a photo from them as they are so expensive but do not intend doing another marathon


  • I doubt it, they are a disgrace, £18 for a digital image

  • I know, I even sent one back and got my money back once from the Bristol Half  a few years ago as it wasn't even in focus but my finishers photo for London is the best photo of me that was taken.....

  • It's crazy money.  I suppose they must have got stuck in a cycle of so few people buy them that they have to put the price up, so fewer people buy them etc. 

    There are a couple from London that were OK of me, but as it wasn't a special one for me I'm not going to pay the silly money they want.

  • If anybody ever manages to get a  photo of me where I actually look like a runner then I might buy it. They haven't managed it so far in 9 years though.

  • Beware Of The Fish wrote (see)

    If anybody ever manages to get a  photo of me where I actually look like a runner then I might buy it. They haven't managed it so far in 9 years though.

    Ahh, not just me that looks like a static lump of lard in lycra then? Good. 

    Although I will admit to buying the set from my first marathon at brighton - fortunately NOT from the mis- spelt marathonfotos, but the more properly written marathon photos, and a more reasonable price too. 

    And RB - screen print, then judicously crop or find someone who's a whizz with photoshop to remove the "proof" legend from the middle. 

  • They've got smart to that Helen - see my pics

  • ohhh, so they have - didn't do that a little while ago.

    Still not paying that kind of money.

  • There are ways round the scrolling watermark on the pictures, if you know how....

  • Come on Ian Tell all! I've done it with a good result by enlarging the screen res and then using print screen

  • There are probably several ways, but I would do it like this.

    1) Use firefox as your browser
    2) Go to Tools -> Options -> Content -> Enable Javascript -> Advanced
    3) Uncheck the 'Disable Or Replace Context Menus' Options

    At this point, you should now be able to right-click on the picture and save an image.  You will notice though that the image you save is the scrolling watermark.  When the web page is rendered in your browser, it overlays this watermark image over the actual running picture, hence you can't save the running picture.  To get round this, you need to stop the browser rendering this watermark image.
    My solution would be..

    4) Download and install the AdBlock Plus addin from
    5) Go to the photo you want to download -enlarge it first
    7) Right click the picture, select Adblock Plus: Block Image
    8) Select 'Add Filter'
    9) Right click on picture, select 'View Background Image'
    10) Right click on picture, select save as....

    You now have the pic on your hard drive - still has the fixed watermark on it, you need to play with photoshop to get rid of that.

    Bear in mind this is possibly illegal if the photo is copyrighted, so this is for technical interest only.  I obviously can't condone anyone actually doing it!

  • Of course Ian, it is very interesting and shocking to see the lengths people would go to

  • Sneaky - wouldn't catch me doing any of that.  Uh-uh.  No wayimage

  • Sorry to highjack the thread but I can't even see ANY photos on to try working out if they're worth paying silly money for. Do I need to adjust my internet settings? I tried on Internet Explorer and Firefox but it just won't load the pics. I actually managed to keep up with the husband this time (PB!!) so we would have liked a photo together (saving money see... image)

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