Replacing Ghost 3s



I've been delighted with my Brooks Ghost 3s, injury free since getting them 900 miles ago, but now need a replacement. Can anyone report on a move from Ghost 3 to Ghost 4? Or to any other successful replacement?

 Thank you.



  • Believe there's a Ghost 5 just about to be released. Brooks shoes tend to evolve rather than radically change, so if you've found the ghost works for you, stick with it.
  • You got 900 miles out of one pair of trainers?

  • Recovery Runner: Thanks, I think that's what I want to hear. Injury free is to be treated with respect. I'll stick to Ghosts. I'd get a couple of pairs of Ghost 3s if I could find them, but it looks like Ghost 4. Especially if I can get the green version.

    Sebastian80: Last 18 months, 900 miles in Ghosts and 600 miles in Wave Riders, and very reluctant to give up on them. In fact, if I can't find new at better than the prices I've just looked at, I might keep them going.

  • I moved from 3s to 4s and much prefered the 4s, this seems to not be an internet wide opinion though. They changed the way the heel hugs, this suited me. I love Ghosts. 

  • Thank you Jonny Gardner. I've not been running long enough to put on a pair of shoes in the shop and know if they're right for me - every pair feels comfortable when I first put them on. I was advised the Ghost 3s after a gait analysis, and they do seem just right. It's good to know that the 4s could be as good.

  • How interesting, also have been running in combination of Ghosts and wave riders. (women's versions). Ghosts 4 are great, though for the next pair I am tempted to go for pure flows

  • It's a combination which has suited me, and I'm worried about changing, so another vote for Ghost 4 is good. I'd hope to move towards something like Pure Flow or even Green Silence eventually. I've tried on Green Silence and they felt brilliant, but I daren't risk them yet.

  • I use Green Silence for shorter faster runs - and races. They are so light it's liberating!
  • The new Brooks Summon, which comes out in July is a replica of the Ghost 3 but at £80. Same cushioning and looks identical. Might be worth a try?


  • goji: I'm getting a little closer to considering Green Silence. On what surfaces, and over what distances do you use them, please?

    sensible: just looked them up, could be a link towards track shoes, definitely worth trying on. Thanks.

  • I've used green silence mainly in a park, sort of relatively gentle trail, road and gym/treadmill. Also did slightly unplanned walk in the snow once and they coped better than I thought, but they're not for any hard core trail or mud as just don't have the grip. Probably trying to use them up to 5 - 6k. If you're a forefoot runner I don't think you would have any major issues with them
  • Thank you, goji. It looks like Ghost 4, though I will try on Summon if I can find them: and if I'm brave enough, I will get myself a pair of Green Silence to experiment with. The hard bit now: making myself part with the money.

  • colin, brooks silence are going for £29.99 online, must be worth apunt  :0)

  • Well spotted and thanks for that, but I can't find that deal in my size! I'm just back from trying them on again, was indecisive as usual, and am now regretting it. But I shall have them soon!

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