Can I train for run and cycle ride at same time?

I am overweight (16 stones) and have been living a completely sedentary life style. I decided things need to change dramatically and so have entered two events. September 2012 - 75 mile off road London to Brighton bike ride April 2013 - London Marathon Should I train for the bike ride and then train for the marathon or is it possible to train for both at the same time? For running I want to follow the couch to 10k program and then move up from there. Would it be unreasonable to do the running program in parallel to hitting hills on my bike? I would prefer to do both as then I can enter some 10k runs along the way too. If I can do both should I do both running and cycling on the same day and then have a total rest day in between or should I do running on one day and then cycling on the next? If the latter I am worried I may overtrain and impede my progress. Thanks in advance Amir


  • You can certainly train for both.  In fact, it would be advisable because it will lessen the odds of your getting an overuse injury from either of the events by cross training.  Are you definitely in the London Marathon (charity spot) or did you simply apply?  From what I understand, the lottery for the London Marathon is packed and the odds of being selected are not great.

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    Hi Susan, I have a definite spot running for a great charity called Phab Kids image
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    Susan, my training plan is to run 3 or 4 times a week. Can I cycle in addition to this or should I replace some runs with cycling.
  • amir........two togetherhould hopefully reduce injuries........if you are doing the two in the same day.i would run first when the legs are fresh.because there is more chance of injuries running than cycling because of the impact on the ground of running......( unless you fall offimage)

    the usual rule of building up slowly and be aware of niggles that turn painful and then treat .......


    good luck

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    Perfect, that's just what I wanted to hear image Thanks!
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