Why could my ankles suddenly start killing me when I'm running

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I've been doing short runs (1/2 mile is all I can manage at the moment) everyday for about 1 week now and am in love with running but suddenly today my ankles stated killing me after 2 minutes . It was the first time running in my new proper running shoes and the first time on a new, slightly longer route. Would this do it? My ankles never hurt like this before. The pain in right at the front. Is it just a beginner thing?


  • Were you correctly emasured and assesed for your new shoes?

    If you are in that much pain in that quick a time then I would return to the shop that you brought them from and explain to them

  • M...eldy: Thanks for the reply. Yes, they filmed me run on the tredmill and said I was normal, and just needed cushioning shoes - and they're very comfortable on my feet.

    As soon as I stop running, it burns for a second, then the pain goes away until I try to run again. Very fustrating when I have to stop even though I'm not out of breath. image

  • Maybe you are suffering because the arch support is wrong, perhaps transferring stress to your ankle ? Only a guess, bu as Meldy has said, go back to the shop and explain. If it's sweatshop they should replace and are normally quite helpful

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