Outlaw swim

I was wondering what the Outlaw swim is like? I've had a look at a video on youtube, and by the looks of it people aren't having to swim over each other and it actually looks quite nice (if that's the right word!). The footage was taken from one side though, so is that deceptive and the swimmers out in the middle are in the midst of a rugby style scrum? Or does everyone have space to swim?



  • If its like most ironman swims it can be fierce at the front and very genteel at the back where we have more space.
  • Fierce to start with as everyone converges but then it was actually quite civilisied, I'm slow though, about 1.22. At the sharp end you'd probably still get battered.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    +1 with holgs

    it's a bit manic to start with as everyone is aiming for the same spot about 250m in - but that's pretty similar to any IM swim.  by 750m you'll have space around you so it becomes much less of a battle.

    in 2010 when we did it they suggested faster swimmers went to the left side, slower to the right.  that gave the faster swimmers a straight run at the 250m buoy, so the slower ones could stream in behind.  Ok - that was the theory but it still turned into a bunfight!!

  • and last year they cut the under water grass which would have helped as well.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    ah yes - we had the drag factor of the grass to contend with as well in 2010

  • How much underwater debris is there?! Getting tangled doesn't sound good...

  • 1:22 slow, ha ha ha!! image

  • people that did it last year said they didn't notice any drag/underwater grass, when we did it in 2010 it was almsot like you were lifted out of the water on the bloody stuff.

    SyM.es - there's never a lot of bikes in T1 when I get there image

  • The grass was a tad unsettling on the 1st 0utlaw but cant remember anybody mentioned it last year so they must have sorted it. TBH apart from the little bit of biff at the start its got to becthe easiest IM swim straight up and down in something resembling a huge outdoor pool you are never far from the side if you get cramped need a rest and its marked distance wise all the way up
  • 1.22 slow? Pah.

    On behalf of all the piss drinkers at the back (1.45)

  • The only time I've swam ow and there has been weeds I was quick, gave me something to pull against. No weeds at outlaw last year.

    Remember to turn right though at the end of the first straight. For a while I was wondering where everyone had gone image
  • There's a lot more entries this year though, and I don't think they're going to widen the lake just for us.

  • with the extra water displacement we could probably all just walk it.

  • You calling me fat ?

  • Hopefully I'll be at OW training at HP tomorrow, assuming it isn't cancelled again. So I should be able to give you a report on the underwater lawn situation!image 

  • as if I could call anyone Fat !! Apart from Mr Buddah, but that's his first name.

    Maybe  we should start a thread

    "How to maintain a massacre in the Outlaw underwater garden"

  • Yes please Little Sister image

    How many more are swimming it this year then? 

    Not that I'm doing Outlaw this year, but I just thought I'd ask. My only OW swim was for a half IM and it was hellish image

  • image You could always swim there next week if you want? *Flutters eyelids* image

  • The OW sessions at HP were really good a couple of years ago, that's the last time I was there! They're run by Absolute Triathlon and I found it really helpful. They were able to accomodate both experienced and novice OW swimmers. Plus there is plenty of room!!



  • Sarah you can swim the day before to if you want.
  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    It's not the weeds you have to worry about its the sharks...honest.

  • Right, I've signed up with Absolute Tri so I can give swimming at HPP a go. I'm tempted by the Big Speedo swim thing, but if there are sharks... well, the trout in Ullswater were bad enough!

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    There Zombie sharks too.

  • When are you coming along?? Tomorrow?
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)

    There Zombie sharks too.


    I think it'll be next week. I need to perfect a zombie shark brain destroying device image

  • image image


  • because I'm on the feed station this year you get free entry into the swim events the day before, 3 different distances to do 1.5K, 3K or 5K


  • Are you going to do one? I'm tempted by the 1.5K - sort of ease myself back into it after the whole Weil's disease episode... I'm assuming the water is top notch given what the place is used for image

  • Yep, will be doing the 5K hopefully


  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    Are you going to do one? I'm tempted by the 1.5K - sort of ease myself back into it after the whole Weil's disease episode... I'm assuming the water is top notch given what the place is used for image

    It is there are sometimes leeches but they are rare. Are the medels as cool as the ones lask year for the swim? If they are might betemped the day before outlaw and just do the 1.5k for a laugh.

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