Ring o Fire - Isle of Anglesey

The inaugural Ring o Fire starts on the 31st August 2012 

131 miles circumnavigating the Isle of Anglesey from the historic Breakwater Country Park in Holyhead.

Staged over three consecutive days (31 August 2012 - 2 September 2012) this epic foot race follows the rugged and spectacular Anglesey Coastal Path around the Island. The extreme distance and variable terrain places Ring O’ Fire as one of the most extreme ultra marathons in the United Kingdom. For more information and some super pictures please visit www.ringofire.co.uk

Ring O' Fire has attracted nearly 100 competitors from a far a field as Australia, America, Denmark, Poland, Italy, and of course Wales, England and Scotland.

Let us know how your training is going? We'd like to here all the stories of how you are going to finish the very first RING O' FIRE!? Q

"And It Burns, Burns, Burns, The Ring Of Fire, The Ring Of Fire” JC




  • Nice one Q. How are preparations going? It's pretty cool that you now have the Institute for the Physchology of Elite Performance & The Extremes from Bangor University involved. It looks like scientists are taking quite a bit of interest in ultra races these days!

    Do you have any training tips for people who are working up to this distance, in particular regarding nutrition and injury management before and during the race?

  • By the way Q, I notice you nearly have 100 runners now. Are you likely to be extending the amount of spaces available, or will there be a waiting list?

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