Sore foot & Liverpool 10K

I started running three weeks ago when I decided I'd like to enter the City of Liverpool 10K, in October.
I quickly had doubts when I ran on the treadmill of my local gym and struggled to run 2 miles. Though I'm quite confident now as I managed to run 10k yesterday without falling to bits (62 mins). However I've managed to bruise the ball of my foot - I know you're not doctors (though I guess some of you must be) but, am I likely to be doing myself damage by doing to much too soon, are my shoes all wrong or is it merely the extra use and something I'll get used to?
And secondly, when will I get confirmation of my place in the race I've entered - has anyone out there entered it too?


  • Hi Codfather and welcome...the docs round here are V-rap and benz, both of whom have masses of sensible advice and will know a hell of a lot more than me, but I'd say be gentle with yourself! 10k in 62 mins sounds amazing, but if you're new to running, give your body a bit of a chance to catch up so that your muscles and bones can get used to the idea of being strained in interesting and unexpected ways. It will help stave off injury. There's a good beginner's 10k schedule on this site - it's the one I'm following and eases you gently into the distance. Good luck!
  • Meerkat,
    Cheers - After the initial rush of enthusiasm I've now adopted a more sensible approach. I'll check out the 10K schedule.
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