Garmin Forerunner 410. To buy or not to buy?



  • i got the 410 a few weeks back and love it!

    I have used just about every running app under the sun on my ipod touch and iphone and the garmin watch is by far the best and most accurate!

    the bezel does take a bit of getting used too especialy if your wearing gloves but once i'm out on a run i dont flip screens that often anyway.

  • I've just got mine and am impatiently waiting for it to charge to set it all up. Very excited to use it so no doubt will be out for a run in a couple of hours!!!
  • Takes a while to set it all up the way you want it, I've had mine 3 weeks and still not used half of it! Seems pretty accurate though and beats carrying your phone everywhere!
  • Bought this from amazon about 2 months ago...brand new for ??125, so worth keeping an eye on the price it may well drop again. The watch is great, I was using mapmyrun on the iPhone but the watch is miles better, more features, especially if you are serious about training.
  • I utterly love my 610

    I used iPhone and watch on my marathon yesterday watch spot on with the distance, iPhone 1.2m extra
  • Got my 410 last week and used it for 5 runs so far. Really happy with it once you get used to how it all works. Yes the bezel is a bit hit and miss but once I'm running I just  lock the bezel and set the screens to auto scroll.

    Downloading to Garmin Connect is a breeze and I can also download to Fetch Everyone which I was already using. I always like to have a backup of things just in case.

    If anyone has tried uploading routes and workouts from Garmin Connect to the watch have you found you can only upload one and after that the next one overwrites the first, or is their a way round this.

    I had been using Nike+ on my ipod nano but the 410 is way more accurate. Only trouble is I now realise I wasn't running as far as I thought so my splits are not as good as I thought!

    Pete C - Sadly the price on Amazon is now £150, but I stil think that is a good price for what you get.

    Booktrunk - The 610 looks good and the touch screen seems an improvement over the 410, but I couldn't justify spending the extra £100 for the few bits extra.

  • I wasn't keen on the bezel at first but for some reason mine works a lot better after I've started running? Especially if I have gloves on.
  • Even if the course is measured, doesn't mean YOU ran 5km - the measurement will take one line around the course. Most people won't run to that line. That's why in some major marathons and road races  you see elites following an actual line (usually blue for some reason) on the road - because that's the shortest route. It's like distance track running - you gain distance every time you move out from the very inside of lane 1. Presumably the same would apply in reverse if they measure a course to paths but everyone cuts the corners.

     I bought a 410 a few weeks ago for HM training. Loving it so far. Used Run the Line and DCRainmaker to help me with the set-up and functions. Had a few issues with uploading, but I think I've resolved them now and overall I'm quite happy except that it's showing me how slow I'm running image, and that I haven't quite got used to the buttons so keeping lapping instead of stopping and visa versa.!! To be honest, I don't really care if the watch doesn't say the race distance - a race is a race, it's about racing and pushing your body, but I like having an idea of where I've gone and how far that was in training, and it helps me then to plan future routes.

    Also - sorry for the edit - I highly recommend a sweatband underneath. Reduces slipping, makes it more comfy and stops it getting sweaty.

  • I replaced my 405 with a 610 about a year ago and have used heavily for training for 2 marathons and some shorter races. It's fantastic to use, the features are good (interval training, vibrating alerts, touch screen) and Garmin Connect is a great service.

    That said, I'm increasingly getting reliability issues - hangs quite often when switched on, the metal back has blistered, sometimes the workout history doesn't show, firmware updates on a Mac are fraught with risk.

    Although I think the Forerunner products are strong and Garmin Connect is a good reason to buy Garmin also, I do think they could do better with reliability, especialy given the pricing.

  • Hello I am looking to replace my 110 because I would like a watch icanadd routes too so I can follow them. Can I do this for the 410? Was going to go back to the 205 but seems to be discontinued ?
  • Yes you can add routes via Garmin Connect, though I think you can only have one on at a time. 

  • Does anyone have any experience with the 410 and it's water resistance?

    I'm wondering if it will cope with adventure runs where there's plenty of mud!

  • The manual says waterproof to 1 metre for 30 minutes. After submersion wipe and air dry before reuse

  • I've run with mine in a storm and it was ok - I put the running jacket arm over it and it kept the worst off, though it still got pretty wet.

  • I have one but as to being waterproof, I have no idea. But pretty good for logging all your routes and times.
  • I have one and love it. It does what I want it to in terms of running (details of laps and pace etc) and comes in handy as an alarm clock too! No idea about waterproofing, I hate running in the rain.
  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    I'm also thinking of updating to the Garmin 410, as the battery in my much-loved 305  loses its charge before I get to the end of a run these days. My question is this: thanks to a really useful post on this forum, I set up my 305 so that it has four lots of data showing at once: time run, distance, lap pace and overall pace. I know the 410 only has three data fields showing at once, so is there a way of getting the same info displayed, even if it means flicking between two screens?

  • Go Caz - yes. You can have up to three different display screens, and each display can have between one and three data fields. To switch between them during a workout you just tap the bezel.
  • I just have mine set for 1Km lap time, total distance and previous lap time.
  • Go Caz - yes, you can. You can set it to auto-change between screens or you can use the bezel to change screens.


    Techinically you have four screens because you can add other things to the HRM-dedicated screen.


    Also, can you not replace the battery in the 305?

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    Good question, King of Fife. I phoned Garmin support and they tell me that the batteries are not replaceable, you have to replace the whole device! (I have read on the internet of people changing their own battery but you need to be handy with a soldering iron!) If I sent back my 305, which is out of warranty, that would cost £51.48 (plus presumably the cost of sending it securely) for a new one and take 10 working days. So that's a fair proportion of the cost of a new 410 (currently reduced on Amazon) and also I really don't want to be without a watch for that long! Good to know for the future though.

  • The 410 has a replacable battery so this shouldn't be an issue for you with that unit.

    It seems to always be reduced on Amazon. I picked it up for £147 with the HRM between two days when it was £159.99 so it may be worth watching it for a day or two.

    You could get the 410 and in the mean time give replacing the battery a go? If it works return the 410, if it doesn't then it doesn't matter as it was unusable anyway.

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    That's interesting. The woman at Garmin told me the 410 didn't have a replaceable battery either and that it would cost around £45 to replace the unit. Cheaper than the 305 because that is an old model. I asked which models had replaceable batteries and there were only two, neither of which I'm familiar with. Have ordered the 410 from Amazon now as I am going away on holiday and will need a running watch. Also, I have watched things on Amazon before (ie Garmin 305) and the price has gone up considerably and I've kicked myself!

  • I changed mine recently because the bezel is touch sensitive and if you have a jacket on, it makes it do things you can't easily change when on the run.  When it gets wet, it won't respond to the touch bezel either.  Mine also had condensation even though I've not used it for swimming.  My partner has one too and has these same problems.  I bought the 205 which does me fine and works well - although I had to replace the original because of condensation too!!

  • IAN Pennicott wrote (see)

    I changed mine recently because the bezel is touch sensitive and if you have a jacket on, it makes it do things you can't easily change when on the run.  When it gets wet, it won't respond to the touch bezel either.  Mine also had condensation even though I've not used it for swimming.  My partner has one too and has these same problems.  I bought the 205 which does me fine and works well - although I had to replace the original because of condensation too!!

    You can lock the bezel so that it doesn't do this - see the instructions!

  • I have had no real problems with mine, occasionally a jacket has caught the bezel but it is easily sorted and has not effected the operation of it or the recording of the route!
  • These are down to £135 on Amazon at the minute (not as low as the £125 they sometimes get to, but lower than the £140-160 they generally seem to hover around).

    Just ordered one. Intrigued to have new toy to replace nike+ and excel spresheets!

  • I've owned my 410 for well over a year now and it's still going strong! I use it 4-5 times a week and it's never let me down. Being able to map a route online and download it to the watch is a great feature and has ensured I don't get lost on numerous runs...

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    I heard the 410 had recently been discontinued. I can understand why - the bezel really wasn't popular with anyone. I find it okay, as long as I remember to lock it, but buttons do work better!

  • Can youupload the runs to Runkeeper on the Garmin devices?

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