Advice needed about transitional trail shoes

I need advice as I'm stuck to what kind of shoes I need next. I run currently in Newtons (so practice forefoot landing) but have returned to the trail now and have found them inadequate for the mud due to all the rain we've recently had. I have barefoot trail shoes in which I run regularly (New Balance Minimus and Vivobarefoot Breatho) but I haven't yet built up to do all my runs in barefoot shoes. Nornally on longer runs I take a backpack with me and change shoes so run in barefoot ones some of the way. I need something that will be suitable for off road (muddy footpaths, shingly track, etc.) that will be in between Newtons and barefoot support wise. I have looked at Inov8, x-talon 190 I think it was and it is a one arrow shoe, 3mm, not sure whether this is on the right level for me, not sure how many mm Newtons are in heel but would think around 6. I need a grip on these as running off road mostly, if anyone can help with advice would be grateful.


  • Hi, i run in Merrell barefoot shoes on and off trail, they are not as grippy as something like the Inov8's but i have found them to be ok on most trail surfaces (as long as you are not fell running) image

  • Only I'm not looking for any more barefoot shoes. I have been looking at Inov8 two arrow shoes, may go and try them on to see what the difference in heel height  is like.

  • Newbalance 110 34.99 sports direct I think they are 4 mm, and quite flexible! I'm a Newton wearer too and have had the same problem!
  • touie2 wrote (see)
    Newbalance 110 34.99 sports direct I think they are 4 mm, and quite flexible! I'm a Newton wearer too and have had the same problem!

    MT110s are useless in mud.... image

     Talon 190`s are far superior if things the goings mucky..


  • I have a pair of mud claws too but for £34.99 I don't think you can go wrong with the New Balance 110's as long as you aren't trying to do steep muddy desents, they are  also ok on the road  image

    The inov8's look good but are more than twice the price  image

  • desents, ascents and off camber situations... There lateral grip is quite poor so my feet were slipping about even on flat`ish track, in all honesty these shoes wouldn`t let me run at my normal pace and it wasn`t even that mucky...


  • Strange I haven't had that problem, I found the grip ok, I am quite light though not sure how much difference that makes!
  • The MT110's are far from useless in mud. Not as good as a set of X-Talons but will be much better than a pair of merells, or similar low profile tread.

    MT110's are a very good shoe and the likes of Inov8 (and I'm an Inov8 fan) need to really think about their pricing strategy if NB can come up with such an awsome trail.
  • Still not as nice as the baregrips though....but that's a different shoe.
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