oi fatty

this was shouted to me as i was out running today. by someone at least 18. i wasn't upset as i usually am. i just thought stuff you, i'm out here struggling every inch of the way, waiting for that magical moment when it starts getting easier, it just kept me going. hurrah!!!


  • Go Caroline! Keep practising and next time when you shout back they wont be able to catch you! image

    Well done on not letting idiots get you down too. There's always someone happy to put other people down - even when the person they're shouting at is foun something they couldn't do!
  • Ignore the idiots - they are only jealous they havent the dedication to get out and do it!


  • Good for you Caroline. Don't let ignorant so and so's get to you.

    I got shouted at by two women in a car a few years back while out for a run. I thought "I'd love to see you out running at this time of the morning, or even running full stop."

  • thanks ladies. going keep plugging away and get myself even more gorgeous.

  • Well done Caroline for ignoring those idiots - they are only jealous because they cannot run.  Hold your head up high and be proud of yourself.

    I have been shouted at many times - especially from younger lads who are usually stood outside a pub smoking!  They are brave in a crowd!  I just ignore.

    Worst one that I have had was when running with my husband in a quiet village and someone threw a cup of water at us through their car window !! I just couldnt believe it and it really shocked us and I had a soaking wet trainer - was furious!

  • Right reaction.

    Keep it up, and in two months the best they'll be able to come up with is 'keep those knees up.'

    Another two months of hard work, and they won't dare even open their mouths.
  • Ah! The Common Bully! It will annoy them more if you just ignore them. They will get there just deserts in time, and when that happens they normally run home to mammy and daddy crying there hearts out.

  • God bless the society we live in, there's always some numpty with a wise and helpful word to say

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