Surrey Hills Trail Challenge 2012

Never done this before so any help would come in handy.


  • Can you read maps Genghis? It's put on by an orienteering club so there are no signs but easy to find controls. or just follow the rest? Over great countryside though. A few long hills. Practically all over tracks.

  • Tom,

    I'm good with a map and I have done a few Half Marathons over Leith Hill so I know the area.

    Is there a set Sequence that the points have to be visited or can you do your own thing.. 


  • There's a link at the bottom of the web page for the course for last years race, you can also see some of the routes that people took by clicking on a name which has a star next to it and then clicking view route.

    They keep the route and controls the same each year. Each course has a different order of controls. you have to do them in the set order else you will come last.
  • I'm doing it for the first time as well- I have however done a reccie run (on my own) around the course.  In general the navigating isn't too bad (although I did have trouble with looking at the map and running at the same time!)- the only thing to watch out for are some of the Forestry Commision tracks which aren't always on the map because they are just new access points rather than rights of way. 

    If you've done the Leith Hill half then you'll know the kind of terrain.  When I did my reccie it was puring with rain and everything was really muddy- judging by this weeks weather I reckon it'll be a bit dryer come Sunday and maybe somewhat warm out on the course!

    Are you doing the 30k?

  • Is the map the same as the one on the website from last year?

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