Saucony Kinvara 3

Hi all,

Just got my new Saucony Kinvara 3's and love them already.  They look amazing, the technology behind them is brilliant and I cannot recomend the service highly enough of Northern Runner and their staff, especially Chris.  These are to replace my Kinvara 1's after 250 miles and starting to lose their cushioning etc.

The shoes arrived in stock to them (none in the UK) finally on Friday at 3:30, Chris let me know, I paid for them and then they were despatched and arrived today by 11am.  Brilliant service.

Anyone else got their hands on the new Kinvara?




  • Some pics here comparing the Kinvara 3 and the Kinvara 1 (and some of the wear on the sole):

    Will update with my thoughts as I merge between both sets of shoes (and all the others image)...

  • WRXMANIA - has there been any change on the fit? Have been wearing size 8 on the Kinvara 1, and whilst slightly on the narrow side initially, they were okay after a few runs. (We lack a proper running store in Jersey, so have nowhere to actualy go try them on, so have to order online!)

    Also hoping that one of the online stores gets some of the different colours, as I didn't really fancy the black/yellow for the summer...

  • These were mail order exactly the same size as my Kinvara 1's. There will be 7 colours finally but some of those colours are USA release early July, here later.

    The shoes look great in person and probably the best combination of colours in the range. They have a white sole and with the green which is very luminous quite bright shoes.

    I live my K1's and eagerly awaited the K3 coming out as they are a big leap forward in technology without ruining anything good about the K1.
  • I actually picked up a cheap pair of Kinvara 2's last week (£49), which I'm waiting to be delivered, but will probably pick up a pair of 3's as well and alternate up to my Autumn marathon.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts once you've had a few runs in them...

  • Yes. I'll probably give them a go. The Kinvara 1 and 2 were amongst my favourite shoes I've run in, problem was just how quickly they wear vs how much they cost.

    Like you I was getting 250-350 max and most of the time were costing £80.

    So hopefully they've left everything else the same and worked on making them more durable.

  • From reading reviews, it appears that they have added extra rubber on the "lateral midfoot", which I think is midway up the outside of the shoe, which is where my 1's were wearing quickly, so hopefully this will slow the wearing down...

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