Edinburgh Marathon

I'm entering the Edinburgh Marathon in a couple of weeks which has a maximum time of 6 1/2 hours. However, after just completing my 22mile long run, I'm thinking this time might not be realistic. I know I can finish, but might take a little longer than planned. Does anyone know what will happen? Will they force me to stop, or not give me a medal. Will I be able to find my way to the finish after they have cleaned up?

Thanks for your advice.


  • Hi, I think it means you would be moved onto the pavement, to allow roads to reopen, and that drinks stations etc will stop, but they should still let u finish. Not entirely certain but that the case at London.

  • I've just checked the info pack available for download on their site and Paula's right. The sweeper bus will be driving at a 6hr30 finish speed, so might overtake you, at which point you'll be asked to move off the road and onto the pavement. You can still keep going and you'll still get a medal at the end. As it's an out-and-back course from mile 9ish to the finish, you'll be running back the way you've already come along a pretty straight road, and should have no bother finding your way to the finish. Good luck!


  • Thanks for your advice guys. I'm getting really nervous, so thanks for the reassurance.

  • How did you get on ? 

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