South Cerney Open Water Swim

Hello peeps. I wondered if anybody attends the Sat am swims at South Cerney. Thinking of going over Sat 19th and am curious as to what generally occurs. I am a complete novice, still lots of out loud chuckling at me in a wetsuit. Have a race in about a month so thought I ought to dip a toe prior to this. I have no idea if there are changing facilities or plenty of other people. Just a bit of confidence building required I think, Any information is truly appreciated x


  • Hello. I've swum there lots in the past. There are good changing facilities available with hot showers. I think the session is 8.00-9.15. The organisers get there about ten to eight and unlock the changing block.

    Once they've unlocked, take your things into the changing block and get into your wetsuit (don't forget your flip flops). Go back to the car and put your bag away then give your key and your money (£5 last year) to the life guard. The lifeguard sits at a picnic table next to the pontoon. They will take a list of names as people pay and they'll cross you off the list as you come out of the water. Everyone mills around at the edge of the lake waiting to be allowed to get in the water. Most people are triathletes in wetsuits but you get a few hardy souls in costumes - lots of nervous first timers feeling self conscious and a few hard as nails ironfolk.

    While that's going on, the other lifeguard goes out in the boat and makes sure the bouys are in the right place. The loop is roughly 400m - lopsided square. It's marked with big bouys (but it's easier to sight off the trees and buildings as they are bigger). Once the boat is in position in the middle of the course they'll let you start swimming, and off you go. Some people go round and round non stop. Others do one loop and get out. Others have a break and go round again - you ge the picture. Sometimes newbies splash around by the pontoon to get the hang of it before going out to the proper loop.

    It's very friendly. The water is cold and clean. There's a cafe on the other side of the road about 100m up the road (towards the A419).


  • ps - your head will feel like it's freezing - a top tip is to spash water all over your head and face before going under - the first few minutes are pretty awful but it does get better. Two swim caps are better than one. And it's ok to ask someone in the changing room to help zip up the back of your wetsuit. image

  • Digger - are you Lake 12 or Lake 32?
  • My comments all relate to Lake 12, I don't think there is a turn up and swim option at Lake 32, but I might be wrong. image

  • Lake 32 is members only but for the membership fee you can swim any morning until 10am every single day of the year. You can get there as early as you like so you are not restricted on times. Also, Lake 32 has a 400m and a 750m loop

    Lake 32 could be a more economical lake depending on your needs and finances
  • Thankyou so much, looking at lake 12. Not ready to commit to 32 yet! Exactly what I needed to know Gyraffe. Gonna man up (in a girlie way) and take the plunge. Again, thanks ever so x


  • Oo, will covering myself in lard help with the cold - he he!!! x

  • I've heard it's £10 this year for entry - anyone else heard this? - Thinking of going this Sat so hope it's going on!

  • Have had a gander on the Cerney website and it seems swim at Lake 16 is now £10. Still going on by all accounts. Will soon find out I suppose x


  • Let us know how you get on. I'm thinking of taking a dip there soon image

  • Hope - let me know when you want to come down.  I can get you in to Lake 32 as my guest and as I said, you can get there as early as you like and swim til 10am. It is the lake Seren and Barley were at last week. 

  • Just come back from Lake 12 this morning - started at 8.15 and did go on until 9.30, but most people were out by 9am.  I just did the one lap - it was VERY cold - someone said between 12-14 deg -  especially getting your face under! - Lake lovely and clear and rescue boat out in the middle of the lake.  £10 per person.  Good atmosphere for newbies like me!! - Would recommend for preparation for 1st tri!

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    Hope - let me know when you want to come down.  I can get you in to Lake 32 as my guest and as I said, you can get there as early as you like and swim til 10am. It is the lake Seren and Barley were at last week. 


    Oh that would be brilliant Schmunks image
    I was thinking next Saturday??

  • I've been going to lake 12 for the last couple of years. It's really good, but very poorly advertised. Last year it cost £5 and until recently they were showing it as £5.50. In my opinion hiking it to £10 (probably on the grounds of making it economically viable) is ridiculous and I will stay swimming in my local 50m outdoor lido (gues where that is) or go over to Tewkesbury. Why don't they promote it first before doubling the price.

  • Hello -  We offer swimming at lake 31 (Cotswold Country Park and beach) we charge £5 per a swim or £50 for the season.  We have the option of a 200m, 400m and 800m course with full safety cover on the water at all times.  Please follow the link below for more details

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