British London Run 10K

Hello all on this lovely sunny day. Got a ballot place in this race and it will be my first 10K. Training going well and I would like to do this in under 60. Crowds and July heat might say otherwise. Anyone else done or doing it?


  • Hi Sweatband, this is my first 10k also - in fact my first race all together as I only started running in October. There is a group of us from work doing it and I'm currently cracking on with the training...!! It's going well but like you say July weather might make it a lot tougher!!

  • Good luck Jessica it could be a great day and I am looking forward to it. Good luck with training
  • thanks Sweatband and you! image

  • Hi both, I'm doing this too. I've done a few 10ks in the past but am only just getting over a long-term knee injury so training is a real slog at the moment. Hopefully it will be worth it. The first time I've done this race, I was hoping there may be someone on here who can tell us what it's like. From pictures I've seen it looks like quite a crowded start. Should be a great atmosphere though.

  • Hi all. I've been running since October not fast but as with everything in life I plunge head on in. I did the Adidas Half at Silverstone in March in 2.20, can't say I fell in love with it (crowds at mile one and

    twelve and little in between) . I am hoping to do this 10k in under 60 and ran 10k yesterday in 1.03 so there is hope. It was a bit undulating and I get a bit lazy and plod up hills. I am going to do a few park runs to build up my 5k. When I started last year I never intended to do any competitions but having a fun 5k and half marathon medal on my wall I quite like the buzz plus the weight loss is fab ! Keep me posted on your training guys. This site is an amazing source of inspiration.
  • Hi Sweatband, I reckon that if you are running 1:03 in training and you've done a half marathon in 2.20 you will comfortably go under 60 minutes in the race itself. I usually get swept away with the atmosphere, especially if there are lots of spectators and run much faster than I normally do in training! I'm guessing there will be lots more people watching the 10k than it sounds like there were for the Silverstone Half marathon.

  • Race pack arrived today. Lovely top image
  • I just received my race pack for the British 10k, never done this race before!! I'm so excited image

  • Me too as I got poorly the day before the marathon and missed running round the big sites image
  • The route looks really good, I've only been to London once before so it will be cool to see all the sites!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    what did everyone recieve in their race pack? oh got his this a.m and had a tshirt but no timing chip that he could see. did everyone else get one? if so was it a credit card type timer or a paper loop strip? thanks

  • Orange thin plastic strip
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